The Texturizing Spray that gives Oribe a Run for it’s Money

28539824876_97d2e667bf_zWe all know that Oribe holds the top spot when it comes to hair texture in a can. It’s like the unwritten rule of styling and if you are looking for volume, bounce, hold and grit there’s no point looking elsewhere… at least that’s what I thought. I’ve now got a new texture hero in my life that provides the same great properties but with some serious hold that lasts through the day. So what exactly is this mystery product?

Well it’s no surprise that my current haircare hero is Davines. The US gals are getting into Ouai whereas I’m developing a strong love affair with this family owned brand from Italy. So how does this tie in with texture? Well I’ve tried and tested their shampoos, conditioners, conditioning sprays and UV protectors but the one thing I was missing was a texturising spray. After it giving it a test during a recent trip to brighten my blonde locks, I knew there was something good from the brand that I simply had to pickup for myself.

Called the This Is A Dry Texturizer you get a similar list of promises akin to Oribe whilst being better. I’m talking more hold, more texture and a pretty darn good fragrance to boot. Not only that, it completely lives up to my packaging obsession. Although I haven’t spied a mini travel friendly size this has firmly moved into its new residence aka pride of place on my dresser ready and waiting to give life to my curls whilst helping them withstand a day at work. Heck, some days I even wake up to find a curl preserved! Davines – I’m yet to be disappointed.

  • I haven’t even tried the Oribe spray… And Davines is new to me! Thanks for sharing.

  • I’m really willing to explore Davines a little bit more (Ouai as well by the way). I’ve yet to try the Oribe texturizing spray and, to be honest, considering the price I’m not sure if I will one day so I will check out this one!

  • I need to try this! I’ve been wanting to try the Oribe Texturizing spray for ages but I can’t justify the money so this is the one for me :)
    – Ambar x

  • That is one hell of a promise! I’m addicted to the Oribe dry texturising spray (it’s also smells heavenly) for what it manages to do to my fine fine hair… I’ll keep my eye out for this Davines one