The New Type of Primers

the new type of primers

Over the past year I’ve fallen in and out of love with primers. Gone are previous desires to slather my skin in a think and silicon based primer, instead I’d much rather add an oil to my foundation to ensure my skin is kept moisturised or reach for my much loved Marc Jacobs Coconut Primer. You see it’s all about hydration in my books as thats the reason why my makeup decides to slide. Recently however primers have undergone a bit of a makeover themselves, switching up their consistencies and formulas. I’m all for trying something new and these two additions have made me rethink my primer game.

Firstly La Roche-Posay have added a new product to their hero Effaclar range. Called Unifiant* you get a light or medium option enabling imperfections to be masked whilst still delivering that great blemish fighting formula. Those who have used Effaclar Duo in the past will know it’s great blemish fighting properties promising to reduce the appearance of red or brown marks whilst unclogging those pores. now Unifiant offers the same great product but with a tinted colour allowing you to get a hint of coverage whilst still caring for your skin.

Next we have the Invisible Finish Primer* from new brand OM. Packed full with SPF 40 UVA & UVB protection this is a primer that brightens, moisturisers whilst also containing a hint of colour. Either warn underneath makeup or on it’s own, the lightweight formula delivers up skin protecting ingredients that not only gives a healthy glow to the skin, it’s cares for it too. I love the instant boost this gives when my skin is feeling slightly tired and I find it helps to plump out my skin giving it a refreshed finish throughout the day.

During the summer both of these primers have been fab additions to my routines. They are a great way to get a hint of natural coverage whilst still caring for and protecting your skin.

*pr sample

  • I wasn’t aware of this new LRP Effaclar Unifiant, I love the Effaclar range so I must check this one out!

  • kate_winford

    I haven’t heard of either of those primes so thank you for your recommendations! I will have to check them out for the summer.


  • Millie Cox

    I like the information you provided, but i am looking for something affordable. i read what do you think about MK?

  • These sound different. I normally go for primers with no colour but I can imagine in the summer these are pretty good options. xx

    • I love how you have the option of wearing them alone or under your foundation for a bit more coverage xx

  • I’ve never liked silicony primers much, this sounds better x

    Coco | The Beauty Milk

  • Wow, I really like the sound of the La Roche-Posay primer!! Will be hunting this down for sure. I’m a huge fan of the Effaclar range anyway so this gets a huge thumbs up from be before even purchasing it!. xo