Trying Out IT Cosmetics

it cosmetics

You know when you religiously watch those US beauty gurus waxing lyrical about the new ‘must have product’ from this ‘totally awesome brand’ that us over in the UK can only dream own owning? Yeah that. One of the biggest beauty obsessions to us across the pond is getting our hands on the cult US products. Even if they are weird or contain a price tag that makes our eyes weep like we’ve been cutting onions, we still want it! Luckily we’ve got QVC on our side. Oh yes that TV based shopping channel offering up jewels alongside Magi Mixers 24 hours a day.

First they did it with Tarte, now they are doing it with IT Cosmetics. In today’s video I run you though some of the products that have made the journey over to us in the UK. Luckily everything comes as part of a set, you get a product & brush combo making life super easy and also adding some incredibly soft brushes you your collection. I won’t reveal what my loves are here – click play to find out…