3 New Skincare Additions

new skincare

At certain points throughout the year, no matter how happy you are with your current skincare routine, you just need to switch things up. That radiant glow is starting to dissipate and you just don’t feel like your complexion is as happy as it once used to be. Incorporating new products into your routine is a risk, a bit like Nandos wing roulette you just don’t know what you’re going to get, will your skin love it? Will you end up firmly in breakout city resenting your previous suggestion to ever switch things up? Or will things be better? That’s what keeps us beauty addicts hooked, the thought of things being better, so you bite the bullet and switch things up (whilst always keeping your fingers crossed behind your back for safety).

Recently I’ve changed up three steps in my skincare routine: toner, serum & moisturiser. Brave of me I know ;) So far the combination hasn’t resulted in any dramatic results (my current pizza face is more down to my excessive chocolate consumption over Easter weekend) and I can report back good things! Starting with the Merumaya Gentle Exfoliating Toner* you get an incredibly gentle yet effective daily toner with those lusted after AHAs inside giving your skin that chemical exfoliation to keep things fresh & clear. It is scented, nothing offensive but definitely noticeable so something to be aware of. If you are someone getting into chemical toners this is a fab place to start as you get the same great benefits suited to more sensitive or younger skin types.

Next – a new serum. Like eye cream I never visibly see a difference from using these products so become very noncommittal to either the product itself or the brand. Keen to amp up the fine line fighting properties in the products I use (oh yes it’s starting to happen) I figured this DHC Beauty Lift Essence* would be a good place to start. Promising firmed & more lifted looking skin, you get a lightweight gel that sinks in the skin without leaving any sticky residue behind. I can’t report in terms of seeing a visible difference however I do love the texture and find it helps to keep my skin behaving.

Finally a moisturiser. I know, this is sneaky as in my favourites video that has just gone live, link here, I talk about the Oskia one capturing my heart. This is true however I switched things up a week back to put a new moisturiser through its paces. Introducing the Pestle & Mortar Hydrate*. Off the back of their serums success the brand now has a lightweight moisturiser packed full of peptides & antioxidants. It’s non-greasy in texture yet even cares for my skin when it feels like it’s fresh out of the sahara desert. It also comes in the same style pot as the cult Kate Somerville moisturisers!

Have you switched up your skincare routine recently? What new products are you loving?

*pr sample