Do You Magnitone?


We all know about the skin buffing craze that hit as soon as the first Clarisonic was released. A device that pulsated with a softly abrasive head attached promising to leave your skin exfoliated, flawless and most importantly, clean. Honestly I’ve never got on board with the Clarisonic. Firstly the price tag is pretty hefty so if you give it a try and aren’t happy you’re pretty much stuffed. Not only that I have quite sensitive skin & naturally red cheeks so can’t say I’m 100% on board with anything that might exacerbate those problem areas. So why am I coming at you today with a device that looks near on identical to the Clarisonic? Well because it’s so much more!

Let me introduce you to the Magnitone London, the Full Monty Edition*. Here you have a device that yes, can be used during cleansing to buff & exfoliate the skin, however it also comes with an interchanging head that is suited to your body and one for your feet. An all in one device complete with different settings & pulsations to suit each part of your body you are quite literally left exfoliated from head to toe. The element that intrigued me most was the all over body exfoliator. I don’t use scrubs & buffing brushes nearly as much as I should so I was interested to see if I would be more inclined to buff my skin if I had an electronic device doing all the hard work.

The answer is yes. As the Magnitone is completely waterproof and can be used in the shower or bath I prefer bath it takes the fuss out of exfoliating whilst still leaving you with smooth & soft skin. No special beads or scrubs are needed here, simply lather up with your daily shower gel and let the Magnitone do all the hard work! With warmer days on the horizon & that daunting promise of shorts & strappy tops, I’m all for something that will help keep my skin looking & feeling silky smooth.

*pr sample