MAC Retro Lipsticks Up Close

mac retro matte lipsticks
mac retro matte lipsticks
mac retro matte lipsticks

It’s finally time, my MAC Retro Matte Lipstick swatches are live! I’m sorry it has taken me forever to get these up for you. Blame poor lighting and a serious case of turkey face it just won’t go away. But at long last the deed is done, I have swatches for you to enjoy and a review to let you know my thoughts on the latest MAC lipstick launch that has caused a buzz in the liquid lipstick world…

Colours – the two shades that I picked up were Oh Lady and Rich & Restless. Oh Lady as obvs I love me a dark and vampy purple shade. Gotta admit this came up second on the swatch list hence my slightly hasty application and uneven lines. Don’t let this put you off the shade you can see it in all it’s glory in this video here as I adore it and all it’s vamped up goodness. Rich & Restless was a last minute panic buy. I wasn’t sold on the colour but picked it up to try however it’s orange/coral pop is really growing on me. Not just that, I’m also able to define some serious cupids bow action which is a mere write off with any other product.

Formula – compared to the likes of Kat Von D, these are wetter. Compared to the original Stila Liquid Lipsticks, nothing could be wetter oer ;) The colour glides onto your lips but don’t be encourage to dive in with the full applicator, small and sharp sections will be your friend here. I find applying one thin coat, leaving to dry and following up with a second dose is how you can ensure opaque colour that lasts all day.

Application – as mentioned with the formula, don’t be encourage to go in full whack with the doe foot applicator. Use the very tip as it is perfect for getting into the corners and carving out that cupids bow. I do find the applicator to be a tad ticklish childish I know but when you aren’t rushing the process you can get a really crisp and clean line like I have done with the Rich & Restless swatches.

Overal I find these to be a bit pricey for what they are. Love the packaging and think the shade selection is pretty decent however can be more hit and miss when you wander in the nude end of the spectrum.

Have you tried the MAC Retro Matte Lipsticks? What are your thoughts? Are you firmly on the liquid lipstick bandwagon?