Fudge Your Tresses

fudge urban

When it comes to budget haircare there is one brand that knocks it out the park – Fudge Urban. You’ve heard me wax lyrical over their Ice Raspberry & Vanilla Hairspray before and I’m currently on my fifth bottle still obsessing over their ability to make a hairspray scent so good. Looking to expand my Fudge Urban collection whilst sniffing out what other great bargains they have on offer, it was time to put some newbies to the test.

May I present to you the Crisp Pear & Sweet Vanilla Dry Shampoo* and Texture Spray*. We’ve got it all here folks, texture, volume, shape and hold for all under £8 a can. Let’s all take a moment to stop and praise the budget hair gurus *praise*. Starting with my hair bae aka dry shampoo Fudge Urban give you a freshly scented product that removes excess oils without leaving your hair grey and dry. A little goes a long way here and at times I may go a little heavy handed with application but I simply put that down to how darn good this smells!

To beef up those limp locks turn to the Texture Spray. Again, a little goes a long way here as a few spritzes throughout fine hair gives you instant lift, hold and body. I find this has a tendency to make my hair feel a little on the dry side so I would recommend keeping application short and sweet, however if you are looking for some serious texture that lasts all day whilst giving you big hair, this will do the trick.

Have you tried anything from Fudge Urban? What are your favourite products?

*pr sample