Boots Haul & First Impressions #2


Sometimes you’ve just gotta throw all caution to the wind and let yourself run wild and free within Boots. It’s okay – we all do it ;) After not indulging in a drugstore haul for what felt like months I let Boots take over and for that magic spell to kick in resulting in my shopping bag doubling in size.

It’s a typical scenario – you go in for one thing and leave with 12. #Whoops. Instead of feeling guilty about my new purchases I thought I’d do what all good bloggers/vloggers do and that’s share it with you guys! I know – you’re a lucky bunch and at least we all know that we aren’t alone in suffering with that Boots spend happy problem. Let’s get into the haul!

  • Oh yeah, the dangers of entering a drugstore XD Very nice picks, I am really interested in that primer

  • Was literally about to tweet you like omggg what lip colour is that, then you showed it wahoo. Love the look of that revlon stick!

    Sophie x

  • I just feel in love with the lipstick you’re wearing, it looks amazing on you!! And your video is super good as always :)

  • Hahaha, of course you came back with way more than you had planned ;-) I have the pink version of that Revlon mascara. ‘s Alright. That highlighter looks lovely, subtle, I like that.