Revisiting Old Foundations

retrying old foundations
retrying old foundations
retrying old foundations
retrying old foundations
retrying old foundations

Being one of those people who loves all things makeup, I find myself stuck in the never-ending production line of ‘the latest thing’. As soon as I declare my love for one particular launch, a new one is ready and waiting to capture my attention and steal that top spot. Don’t get me wrong, I love discovering new formulas, shade ranges and textures, but if I constantly switch up my favourites, what actually happens to those products that fall off the top spot? I thought this very thing over the Christmas holidays, in particularly when it comes to foundation. What are my thoughts on those once raved about bases that have found themselves banished to the cupboards? Time to put them back in the testing seat!

YSL Youth Liberator Foundation – aka the foundation of 2013. When this hit the scene every beauty fanatic was quick to declare their love for this serum based foundation that promised youthful brightness. I have the shade B30 and it quickly rose to one of the top spots, however, two years on I can’t declare the same level of admiration. It’s thick consistency made me verge on the thinner side of application which resulted in less coverage then desired. The finish still gave that youthful dew however I found myself reaching for powder throughout the day to mask what the foundation didn’t. Overall? This is one for the bin and not a foundation I will be repromoting back into a top spot.

Illamasqua Skin Base – one of my first higher end foundation purchases I actually picked this bottle up back in a blog sale. Hitting the market as a BB/foundation hybrid this quickly became my go to evening foundation thanks to the coverage minus SPF. The shade I have is No 7 and still the formula gives that satin finish with the right amount of dew. Years on I still love the finish the foundation gives however it’s clear to see my bottle is far too old causing the product inside to not be in it’s best condition. I think this might be a case for the repurchase!

Origins Plantscription Foundation – oh man I used to love this stuff! My bottle is practically empty and I’m pretty sure this remained at one of the top spots since 2012. The shade 03 Light Warm is a great match for me and it’s formula just gave me everything I needed. Coverage that didn’t cling to dry patches that lasted all day. Needless to say trying this out again reminded me of simply how great this foundation is, I can see myself picking up a new bottle pretty soon!

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua – I’ve gotta admit this is a bit of a sneaky addition. I know I love this foundation, the whole world still loves this foundation however over the past year it has fallen out of my daily rotation. I’ve gone through bottles, currently own two different shades (20 & 30) it’s that good but I just had to give it another try, ya know, to be sure ;) Needless to say all my previous affirmations stayed true, this is a gorgeous lightweight base yet it bursts with life and vitality once applied. It will suit a multitude of skin tones and types and is a staple foundation everyone needs in their collection.

Have you fallen out with any old foundations that you are now inspired to try again? Are any of these old favourites that you still love or want to get a fresh bottle of to add back into the mix? Long live the forgotten foundations!

  • Rilee Jefferson

    That Chanel foundation is so pretty on your skin, but they all look so good! I get caught up in the hype of a new product, but this post was a great reminder to not forget my tried and trues!

    Rilee xx

    • I’m the same – always onto something new and ‘better’ yet forgetting about those foundations I once loved so dearly!xx

  • Sheridan Grady

    The Origins Foundation looks so lovely, but I have always wanted to try Illamasqua, these all sound great though x

  • I’m desperate to have the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua!! I see this everywhere and hear so many good things about it. I’m a light base wearer on a day to day basis and will only crack out the heavy duty stuff for a night out. I think I’ll ask for a sample if Chanel does them. xo

    • It is such a great foundation, a staple that I’ve had in my collection for years and always fall back to as I love the coverage it gives xx

  • This is such a good idea! I think it’s amazing how our skin changes even from season to season so I definitely rotate my foundations quite a bit!

    • It really does – just gotta remember to go back to the ones you loved a year ago instead of buying new ones like me ;) xx

  • Such a cool post – I think the Origins looks nicest, but your skin looks flawless in every photo!


  • Great post! Really interesting and unique – made me go routing through my collection. K. x

  • Your skin looks gorgeous in all of these photos!! I have to admit, I tried a sample of the Chanel Vitalumiere foundation and I really didn’t love it. I also bought a different Chanel foundation, (I can’t remember which one off the top of my head) but I don’t like that either. Maybe Chanel foundation just doesn’t agree with my skin?! I didn’t even know Origins sold foundation. I really need to get in and try more of their products. Ever since buying the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation, I’ve sidelined all over my other foundation faves – Lancome Teint Miracle and I had a pretty strong stint for about a year though! x

    Kirsty –

    • You are too kind! That’s a shame Chanel foundations don’t work for you as they have a new one coming out soon that sounds fab! Origins makeup is actually pretty darn good – love their foundation!xx

  • Even though the chanel foundation it’s not the best you’re super lucky to have it!! What foundation is your favourite ever?

    • I’d have to say from these it would be the Origins! Just one application reminded me how fantastic it is xx

  • I love rediscovering foundations from time to time! I have to try the YSL again too as now that you make me think about it I think I’m going to find it pretty thick too! xx

    Gyudy @ Gyudy’s Notes Of Beauty

    • It’s so funny to think how I loved that foundation but now find it so thick and heavy! Not one to keep in the cupboard collecting dust!xx

  • Coco

    YSL and Skin Base look dreamy!

  • Charlotte

    Origins looks brilliant! I really want to try origins, I’ve heard some amazing things!