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new skincare
new skincare
new skincare

As much as new skincare causes my heart to go a flutter, over the past year I’ve learnt that a stable skincare routine is key DJ Khaled style key. I may get tempted by a new hero product or fangirl over the latest cleanser, but I’ve found listening to my skin is paramount. Now understandably locking down your routine can seem daunting, I mean we all want to keep our options open in case something better comes along! Luckily this new mantra of favouring routine over hype doesn’t close the door on new products joining the party.

You see, seasons come and go which cause your once staple routine to fluctuate. Those oily summers can turn to drier winters resulting in skin that quite simply misbehaves. Instead of jumping on the latest trends, listen to how your skin changes and make alterations based on what it’s craving. For me, it came down to two major issues: hydration and radiance. My age alongside the cooler months has resulted in a dry spell across my face and chest. Even though I was adding in oils, serums and masks to my routine I still struggled with areas of dryness throughout the day. Keen to put something new to the test it was finally time to try out the Sunday Riley Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm.

Packed full of cocoa butter, moringa butter and blue tansy there is no denying this cleanser brings the hydration. Not only that, is has a rather strong sweet scent to accompany it. First impressions, I was a fan however a month on I struggle with the rich texture. Looking at the score board, makeup removal gets a 7/10 and as a second cleanse this gets a 7.5/10. My problem is the scent, overpowering no matter which way you cut it and I always find this leaves a slight film on my skin even when I do my best to wash the product away.

Moving onto something more successful alongside beefing up those radiance levels I picked up the REN Wake Wonderful Night Time FacialAlready a fan of the REN Glycolytic Mask I was expecting good things from this overnight treatment. Whilst you sleep the three phase treatment exfoliates and brightens the skin. Come morning expect a plumped up complexion that feels rejuvenated. I love this fuss free approach, simply pop on two-three pumps after cleansing and continue as normal when you wake. I find for a quick boost of radiance throughout the week this does exactly what it says on the tin.

How do you switch up your skincare throughout the seasons? Have you tried any of these new releases?