Season Switch Up: New Skin & New Hair

season switch up

With the changing of the seasons comes a desire to switch up the norm. A time where you want to alter your daily routine or incorporate something new or different to day to day life. Everything may be working perfectly well but what if something else could work better. The justifying musings of a self confessed beauty addict for you there ;) Luckily, a friend was taking a work trip to the States and opened up the offer of purchasing a few Sephora delights for this beauty obsessed gal. Clearly I jumped at the chance, I mean I would be a fool not too!

I had two things in mind. Skincare and haircare. Two of my most stable two routines it was time for operation shakeup and try something new. Starting with a nourishing promise I finally added to my Kate Somerville Nourish lineup. To buddy up with the spritz I got the Nourish Daily Moisturiser. A gel like consistency promising to refresh and hydrate whilst giving you a boost of anti ageing properties. A week in I’ve gotta admit I’ve not seen the ground break with amazement. It’s nice however not as nourishing as I anticipated given the name. If I was to go back for another Kate Somerville moisturiser it would be Goat Milk that took my pennies.

For haircare I got lured in by the new Living Proof line – Perfect Hair Day. Everyone would like to declare everyday a perfect hair day so anything that promises to give me the possibility of that happening – I’m on board. A cute little set, the Happy Hair Days Kit is built up of their Perfect Day Shampoo, Perfect Day Conditioner, Perfect Hair 5 in 1 Styling Treatment, Perfect Hair Dry Shampoo and Perfect Hair Day Night Cap Overnight Protector. Now this kit gets the seal of approval. Firstly, the dry shampoo is a winner dousing you locks in the right amount of oil quenching goodness without leaving your hair white or grey. Secondly the shampoo & conditioner duo really care for my hair keeping it clean yet soft, sleek and smooth. Living Proof get 5 gold starts for this fab kit.