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What’s this I spy? A brand, spanking, new category?! Hold the phone, take a seat & catch your breathe because it’s all going on today people! That’s right, I’ve gone into my site map, added a new category and even gone through old posts to update their tag. WOH NELLY. Today the Beauty Brand Discovery category is born! Living under ‘beauty posts’ in the menu near the top of my blog, have a click to see everything relating to me trying out new brands and sharing the low down on how they fair up.

Today the spotlight is on This Works. A brand thats known for their multitude of modern natural beauty products that are multitasking whilst providing some pretty ace skincare benefits. With a number of awards under their belts you know it’s gotta be good and that extra seal of approval comes from the knowledge that all manufacturing is based in the UK. One of my fav products hands down is their This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray*. One of those princess products you assume to be pointless however cut to me having a mild panic when I couldn’t find my bottle after the move declaring I couldn’t possibly sleep without it. Turns out it can get a little addictive! Thanks to it’s mix of natural oils which relax the mind a few spritzes ensures you dose off to a sweet slumber.

If you’re looking to amp up the glow dial try their This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle* which has three awards singing it’s praises. A tinted body lotion it glides onto the skin to leave behind a soft kiss of colour to take the edge of those pale winters skins. Wash off, it’s fuss free application and removal means you loose the stress of fake tan however can still rock that glow when you brave a night without tights.

For those slightly lacklustre complexions there are two products to see you through to Spring. Firstly the This Works Energy Bank Sun Flash* which is a tinted product and blends in to leave that golden glow on your face without any embarrassing telltale lines. Either mixed in with your moisturiser or worn alone the combination of colour, vitamin D & caffeine gives your skin an instant wakeup call. Looking for a pick me up minus the colour? Try the This Works In Transit Camera Close Up*. A primer that plumps and brightens you have Hyaluronic Acid, Oils & Caffeine to reawaken tired out skin. Apply before makeup for dewy skin primed for action.

Have you tried anything from This Works before? What are you favourites from their stella range?

*pr sample

  • Would love to try the pillow spray to relax me at night time.

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  • The Energy Bank Sun Flash sounds interesting! Would love to see how that looks on the skin.

  • I haven’t tried anything from this brand but it all looks so lovely! Especially the primer!

  • Urvi

    The deep sleep pillow spray is on my wishlist this season.. looking forward to getting my hands on it.

  • Everyone talks about the deep sleep pillow spray, I’d love to try it!

    Sara – She Who Is Short

  • I’ve been sleeping terribly at the moment and it’s really getting me down- this is a product i’ve always been interested in but not convinced it’ll not be a waste of money, but I think i’ll be trying the pillow spray now! x

    • I think you will find it’s a great help – they have a roll on as well which is great for nights I really can’t sleep xx

  • I love the pillow spray, I couldn’t live without it

    Lauren x |

  • I use the pillow spray every single day. Have used a few different products by This Works and love the brand in general. xo

  • Karii Zenteno

    Found the post helpful and interesting, I’ve been wanting to try the pillow spray for so long! but I know if I do I’ll probably end up loving it and will hace yo take it everywhere with me. X

  • I was wondering does the This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle leaves any marks on clothes?

    • Not that I’ve found – I am careful with anything white but so far haven’t had a problem!xx