Top 5 Drugstore Makeup Items

top 5 drugstore products

You know what, I don’t rave enough about my favourite drugstore beauty products. It’s a true fact that I’m a addict to the luxury beauty halls which results in me inadvertently shunning those more budget friendly options. Even though they may not get as much exposure here on the blog I love them dearly. So much so a couple come close to out shining their luxury counterparts!

In todays video I thought I would share my Top 5 Drugstore Makeup Items, those HG budget beauty finds that I reach for on an almost daily occasion. A couple are no surprises as they’ve featured in my Weding GRWM video that you can see here and the others are items that have been in my collection for a fair few months and still get called to action when I’m getting ready in the mornings. The British drugstore really is a fab place to find pretty great pieces of makeup.