Discovering Glo & Ray


Don’t you just love it when a new cosmetics line rolls into town. A chance to tryout some new beauty goodies, put different formulas to the test all whilst sprucing up your daily makeup look. New on the scene is Glo & Ray, a cosmetics brand focused on the natural wonder of light. Aiming to harness each persons individual radiance to illuminate your unique beauty this British designed company has already received rave reviews from the beauty community. With chic black packaging and a whole host of products to try, it’s time to see what Glo & Ray is all about!

Kicking off with their Mirage Mousse Eye Shadow in the shade Maroon Earth 454 you get a pot of shadow filled with a soft silky textured product that glides onto the lids. You do need to work the product before application, I recommend either your finger or a stiff flat shader brush for this, but once you apply to the lid you get a multidimensional colour that works alone or paired with a darker contour shade.

Next up their Nuage Solo Blush which is all kinds of pretty. I do wish they hadn’t added the brush (when will brands learn that no one likes these brushes!) and either gave you more product or a smaller packaging, however you can’t deny this blush knows how to bring the light. In the shade Luna Maroon 501 it’s one of those NARS Orgasm offerings with flecks of shimmer and gold running through the pan. It creates a hybrid blush that doubles up as a highlighter, the smallest amount lifts the complexion and awakens the look.

Finally, a lipstick. Can’t report back on a new brand without trying out their lipstick range now can I?! Their La Amo Creamy Shimmer Lip Colour in the shade Honey 647 is one of those perfect everyday pinks. With a hint of shimmer to leave your lips looking more glossy then matte but without anything too OTT that you find yourself reaching for the makeup remover I’ve found myself reaching for this daily. It’s a tad more pink compared to my other everyday shades but paired with a bright blue sky and the sun beaming down, perfection!

Have you tried anything for Glo & Ray before? What do you think of their illuminating makeup range?

*pr sample