Lush Oxford Street

lush oxford street
lush oxford street

For any of those Lush fanatics out there, you may have heard about their superstore which recently opened up on Oxford Street in Central London. Three floors of bath bombs, bubble bars, skincare and makeup. It’s a pretty impressive space that meant my initial I’m just looking manta swiftly flew out the window as I found myself popping a few bits into a shopping basket. With nothing in mind I found myself drawn to the Oxford Street exclusive bath bombs.

Ylang Song is the white bomb, Honey Bee the golden yellow and Sex Bomb is the pink offering. There is a wide range of Oxford Street specific products to take your fancy and I may have had to force myself to run past the bubble bars before I picked up 20 of them as well. Starting with Ylang Song this contains rosewood, neroli oil and ylang ylang which gives a soft fragrance to this bath bomb. Inside is hollow so as it fizzes away you are left with a bath full of petals! Honey Bee is for those who want to soothe their skin. With honey, aloe vera and rhassoul mud you are left with soft and supple rested skin. Finally Sex Bomb, again with ylang ylang (turns out I really like this stuff!) combined with jasmine, any anxious tension swiftly melts away whilst you are left to sing that Tom Jones classic.

Last but by no means least, the Comforter Shower Gel. Oh baby! If you are a fan of the bubble bar then you are gonna love this. A vivd pink liquid packed full of blackcurrent scented goodness, this foams up on the skin to wash away the daily grime. A little goes a long way here and I find the scent lingers on the skin meaning that berry goodness lasts through the day.