I Can’t Stop Buying Lipsticks…

new lipsticks
can't stop buying lipsticks
can't stop buying lipsticks
can't stop buying lipsticks

Someone – take away my bank card, hide my wallet and stop me from looking at any online websites that sell makeup. I simply cannot be stopped! You see, spending my days and nights at the office means I have saved up a few extra pennies. It’s a magical thing not socialising ;) I feel all flush with cash which results in me perusing the new in section on far too many beauty sites. Next thing you know an online order will arrive on my doorstep in 3-5 working days! Thanks new makeup for making me feel human :)

The latest splurge comes in the form of lipsticks. No my MAC haul from two weeks ago didn’t fill the void, instead I simply had to go on limited edition spree before these beauties displayed that horrific ‘out of stock’ sign. Starting with my new fav makeup brand Charlotte Tilbury, the latest Norman Parkinson range contained two lipsticks in her coveted matte revolution formula. An everyday nude in the form of Miss Kensington and a bright coral red called 1975. Now if you were to look online at the swatches for Miss Kensington, you would expect a vibrant baby pink lippy whereas the bullet of mine was far more muted. It takes a while to get the colour onto the lips which has me wondering whether this is a bit of a dud. Anyone else picked this up and experienced the same? 1975 however is gorgeous, a real power colour that I can’t wait to take on away on holiday and rock on a warm sandy beach.

For someone who isn’t the biggest fan of red lips you may be surprised to see two bold additions in this post. Initially I would be inclined to agree with you but then Estee Lauder go and release a limited edition Kendall Jenner shade. I’ll take three please! Housed in matte blue packaging with her signature inscribed on the lid, it’s hard not to get drawn in. Part of the Pure Colour Matte Sculpting range in the shade Restless this is divinely rich shade that demands attention. Packing a punch and lifting the complex it’s a real winner!