The Eye Cream I Actually Like

the eye cream I actually like

Something pretty miraculous happened, I’ve fallen for an eye cream! Now this isn’t a case of ‘oh yes this is nice, I’ll use it religiously for a week then forget all about it’. No siree, this has been in daily use for the past three weeks which I’m pretty sure is a new record when it comes to me and eye creams. Now I’ve always dabbled around when it comes to including this step in my skincare routine, opting for those hydrating pots that promise to take care of tired out lids, however I’ve never managed to stick to a single product or brand. When I stop seeing results my interest tends to wain which subsequently puts a heck of a lot of pressure on any new eye cream I introduce into the mix.

Before I manage to spend another 200 words skirting around the point, it’s time to introduce the miraculous new addition. It comes from Hylamide and is their SubQ Eyes Advanced Serum. A high strength serum packed full of peptides and active technologies that all promise to rehydrate sensitive eyes. A science book has well and truly been thrown at this little skincare wonder and thanks to some new lines appearing around the corner of my eyes I’m willing to give anything a try. I’ve found after two weeks of daily use the dark circles loose less aggressive, yes thanks to genetics they will never disperse but I can see this having a positive effect. No signs of aging haven’t be reversed but it’s the first eye cream I’ve used that delivers noticeable results and makes me want to pick it up every day and night.