Sleeping with Neom

sleeping with neom
sleeping with neom

Following on from yesterdays post about the struggles with surviving day to day when sleep drops to the bottom of the priority list, I thought I would refer back to one of the points I mentioned in relation to pampering your bed. Although it may sound peculiar, being surrounded by those calming aids helps slow down an overactive mind so you have a peaceful nights sleep. Already the Deep Sleep Pillow spray exists from This Works and new onto the scene comes the Scent to Sleep Range from NEOM.

Now it’s easy to think that these are just fancy smelling products that don’t actually help you enjoy a more restful nights sleep, however since giving them a try I can honestly say they relax my mind so I drift off faster. Anything that helps with an uninterrupted slumber is worth a try in my books! For those with a bit more time on their hands, go for the Perfect Nights Sleep Tranquility Bath & Shower Oil*. Combining lavender with sweet basil and jasmine it gives a cleaner take on the traditional French lavender helping to ignite your scents without being overpowering. One cap full added to a full bath calms the mind and body ready for a blissful nights sleep.

For those of us unable to indulge in a bath before bed the Intensive Deep Sleep Treatment* will quickly become your bedtime best friend. Lighter on the nose in comparison to the This Works Spray, roll this onto your pulse points to lift away the stresses from the day. I also like to dab some onto my pillow and pjs to really share the calming fragrance as then it means when I roll over in the night I get a fresh whiff of these tranquil aromatherapy oils. Blissful!

Do you use any sleep treatments to help get a good nights rest? Do you find they actually help?

*pr sample