The Edit: Festival Essentials

the edit: festival essentials

With the sunshine out in full force (bring me all the Vitamin D!) the long nights and warmer evenings instantly get me thinking about festivals. I love live music, second to beauty it’s a passion of mine and I still have my gig ticket wall sitting pride of place in my room. Whether it’s a newbie act, a big headliner or a stadium gig, I love them all even more so when they can be enjoyed in the sunshine! As I’m not the best camper in the world (aka I’ve never really camped in my life!) I opt for the London day festivals. A great way to soak in that musical vibe whilst knowing you have the safety of a warm bed and shower at the end of the day.

Now I’ve got a few day festivals under my belt I’ve got my packing kit down to the essentials. You want to pack a handful of key products in a safe bag (I like to go for a mini backpack) to keep you going throughout the day but keep it down to the essentials, no point carrying things you won’t use. First in always goes a pack of face wipes to clean away any mud, sticky hands or to double up as a tissue if the porterloos aren’t well stocked. A mini suncream is an obvious essential, even if clouds are forecasted, it’s not often us sun deprived Brits are outside all day so with an overcast outlook it’s important to top up on the SPF.

To stay feeling fresh I pop in a Travelo full of my favourite perfume and also a mini can of deo in case things get a little bit stinky. A nourishing lipbalm helps if your lips start to feel dehydrated (also a sign you need to be drinking more water!) and also a powder with a small compact kabuki is great to dust away any shine. To keep your festival spirit on point, pack a couple of fun Metallic Tattoos*, mine are from River Island, to share with your friends on the day.

Take a look at this little graphic I worked with River Island on where I share a few more tips and tricks for serving a day city festival.


*pr sample