Blossom Dandy

essie blossom dandy
essie blossom dandy

The perfect nail polish colour, that specific group of shades that no matter the formula or brand, they ignite your senses and leave you bounding across the shop floor reaching hastily to pick one up. Picture this – you find yourself strolling through the aisles of Boots on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Nothing is on your shopping list, you are quite simply taking in what the store has to offer. You aren’t fussed by the ‘new in’ products and you contemplate leaving empty handed (shock) until, from the corner of your eye, you see something sparkling back from the Essie stand.

Blossom Dandy aka my nail polish perfection is sitting pride of place at the top of the display, beaming at me like a proud puppy waiting to jump into my hands and scurry back home. You see not only is it mint green, it’s a Minty Candy Apple style of green giving you that illusive shade that becomes coveted during the summertime. Green tones are mixed with a hint of blue keeping the shade fresh yet chic. Application can be a tad tricky, two neat coats required here annnd chips like to sneak through but it’s nothing I can’t look pass. Not for a colour that is so mighty fine with such a gorgeous name.