Refreshing Your Peepers


Following on from Sunday’s post where I shared my current fav under eye concealers I figured it was only right to let you in on a little secret. I’ve been using an eye mask. Taking things one step further, my eye routine has stepped up the anti. Instead of solely relying on concealers, I’ve introduced a new mask into the mix that specifically targets my puffy eyes whilst reducing bags. Wanting a mask that would sit neatly under my eyes to provide hydration whilst caring for the delicate area, I searched high and low before stumbling across this these little beauties over on Ingrid’s channel Miss Glamorazzi.

From Icelandic brand Skyn I introduce to you the Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels. You get 8 sets of individual eye gels to apply directly to the area that needs the most attention. Having tried an eye cream from Skyn before I these gels would be good so I snapped up a packet in a M&S 20% sale. Eager to give them a whirl once the arrived I whipped them out of their sachet and popped them on to freshly cleansed skin. Instantly you feel an incredible cooling sensation that works away to depuff the area. Whether you have been on a fight, lost a few hours sleep or are suffering from allergies, these will see you right.

Not only is the area left noticeable more supple, these rehydrate the skin to prevent any feeling or tightness or irritation. So far I’ve already been through three sachets with another two saved away for when I go on holiday. If you suffer with tired eyes, dry skin or just want to give your eyes some TLC, I couldn’t recommend these more.