Do You Need to Have it All to Blog?

be ahead to blog?

How’s that for a misleading title fokes! Gotta admit I struggled to come to up with a catchy header to sum up my thoughts today. Oh yes, I’ve been engaging my brain and having a good old think about things! A few topics have been milling around my mind in regards to the ‘necessity of jumping on the bandwagon’ when it comes to blogging/vlogging. I’m not taking about follow the leader here, instead I’m referencing that inherent conveyor belt of new launches and products that we are manically running alongside trying to keep up. How’s your bottomless pit of money treating you? In order to survive in this dynamic blogging world it’s easy to become swept up in the need to always be promoting the latest and the greatest thing.But do you really have to?

Juggling a blog alongside a job means I’m not at the forefront of breaking news, neither am I overly present on social media. Yes I wish I could dedicate more to my little online space but that would involve me giving up sleep. Soz guys. I love sleep too darn much. I’m also not a spring bean within the internet world, I don’t have a white marble bathroom nor a stylish boyfriend on my arm making each day look Pintrest worthy. But does that mean I can’t survive in this industry? Is it really impossible to juggle a career and a hobby? Hasn’t society progressed to allow people to focus on more than one thing? I admit it can be a struggle when you don’t always have something new to talk about or you just feel out of the loop compared to everyone else. Can I warrant a post out of that dodgy looking compact thats been sitting at the back of my cupboard collecting dust? Thought not.

Personally my favourite blogs are those that are creative with their stash and their content. The age of the traditional one product beauty reviews are bypassing us and I like to think audiences are diverse enough to not gravitate towards this one feature. Maybe I’m wrong or maybe there is just enough space for everyone to do this a little bit differently. I say all hail the diversity, embrace those not sticking to the norm and appreciate what else that person behind the persona might also be doing. I’ve finally stepped into the world of YouTube after talking myself out of it for the past few years and it’s giving me the ability to embrace the fact that it and myself isn’t perfect. I love my blog and I love my job – that’s okay…right?

  • ninegrandstudent

    This was such a great post to read! I’m struggling at the moment to try and keep up with my blog – working full time, university deadlines and holidays are all taking their toll. You’ve made me feel a lot better! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Student Lifestyle Blog

  • Lara

    That post truly said everything i was thinking about since i started my blog last year. Do i need to have all the new (and expensive) products to get followers and be up to date? I hope not.
    xo Lara from

    • I hope not too! I’d like to think the internet is big enough to allow people to be more creative with their content and for people to still enjoy it :) xx

  • Yesss! It’s these kinds of posts that make me excited about blogging! I think you’re absolutely right. I reckon screw the rules, grab the dodgy old compact at the back of the cupboard and make something beautiful with it, I’d read the hell out of that post.
    Peach Melba

  • I loved this post! YouTube scares the crap out of me, so good on you for being so brave!!!

  • Those Tarte shades look absolutely gorgeous!!

    Josie XOXO

    Fashion Mumblr

  • Bine

    I really liked this post. Thank you for it. Cause Blogging shouldn’t always be about the newest Items that come our ways but about our/your loves and if it is the old compact that gathering dust than that is how it is. And I personally like posts about older stuff better than about the hot new stuff that isn’t even out yet.

    • It shouldn’t – everyone who rights a blog is human at the end of the day and it’s a place to connect with other people who share a love of beauty!xx

  • Bella

    I’ve thought about this a lot myself, lately. I treat blogs that are mainly about new reviews as *resources*. The more creative ones are the ones I really enjoy and keep following. I love to see what women *use*, how and why.

    • That’s a really good way of thinking about it! It makes a difference like you said knowing what people really use xx

  • icklefickle

    As an avid blog – beauty mainly- reader for me I would much prefer to read what works for people skincare wise and I’m not that into makeup stuff anyway apart from foundation but again I’d rather know about something you’ve been using for years with success than something that someone has only tried once or twice for the sake of a review. My favourite blog posts are definitely ‘current skincare routines’ or ones raving about a product that someone loves. Equally I do like to read / watch ones where people say what hasn’t worked for them but these are definitely less I guess because people don’t want to be negative but these help stop people wasting money.

    • I like sharing disappointing products as not everything can be good! Sometimes it just doesn’t work for me or my skin but sometimes people just need to save their money!xx

  • I love this! As a student I definitely don’t have the budget to be buying the latest releases so have found myself being more creative with the content that I do produce :)

    Kate xo //

  • Amy Eade

    I definitely don’t buy all the latest releases because I’d rather be able to eat and pay rent haha! I prefer reading blogs that are more creative with things in their stash and although it’s nice to read reviews on products I don’t really like it when every single blog has a review on the same new release – dull! Love your blog, you’re always really creative with your posts :)

    Amy x

    • You are too kind! Glad that creativity comes through – it can be hard! And I agree it’s never fun just to read the same old reviews xx

  • This is a really interesting thought. Personally, my favourite blogs are ones that touch on products in weekly roundup type posts (sort of mini reviews) then the rest of the content is engaging and interesting about life, actually applying the products, place reviews etc.

    The way I see it is the bigger blogs already cover the brand new releases, and do it well, so it’s better to create something unique than worry about keeping up with the latest “must haves”.


    • Thats a really good idea – almost a ‘this is what I’ve been using’ as then you have the option to talk about other things during the rest of the week xx

  • I love this post! And I absolutely agree with you. Running my blog is a hobby, I still have a full time job that i spend 50 hrs a week doing and my blog doesn’t feel like work, more like pleasure. You don’t have to buy every single product that comes out (although I love reading reviews of the newly released items). As long as you are creative and have good ideas, you can definitely work with what you got. And since I don’t get products sent to me by PR, I would go bankrupt if I bought every new lipstick, blush or an eyeshadow palette that comes out.

    • Hopefully there is still a place for the hobby blogs to survive and it’s nice to hear so many people enjoy the creative posts. All hail the people who work and blog!xx

  • Kerm

    I’ve been wondering alot about this since I started blogging My social media presence has since improved but I worry about my content, because it’s not all about the newest launches and such. Really great post x

    • I think from the comments here a lot of people enjoying reading more creative posts. It doesn’t always have to be about the newest launches and it’s nice to know there is space for everyone xx

  • Fantastic post, and covers all of my latest concerns having just started up a blog whilst juggling a full time and demanding job. My intention is to just work with what I’ve got, and if I do buy new stuff it’s because i want to buy it not solely because i want to blog about it. I’m still getting to grips with the whole social media thing too, it’s darn hard and my life really isn’t that interesting!!

    • It can be really hard juggling the two! I think it’s good to stick to your guns and keep your blog honest. Social media is a whole other kettle of fish haha!xx

  • Ella

    A great post that definitely addresses some growing issues in the community. I personally just love writing and feel a blog is a great way to enhance that. I prefer blogs that have a bit of personality rather than just generic stuff but that may just be me.

    • I love seeing that personality shine through as well – makes me feel like I know the writer!xx

  • Ams

    I post what I want to post to be honest! Writing about what you like/love is what is most important!

  • Ana

    Loved this post! I was just thinking about this and I’ve realized the blogs that truly grab my attention on my feed are the ones that are creative and genuine (like yours!).

    • Aw thank you lovely! I’m glad there is a place for the more creative blogs and that you enjoy them!xx