April Favourites

april favs

It’s time to round up the best of beauty from the past four weeks featuring a rounded bunch that covers base prep through to the application process itself. Not only that, I’ve only gone and filmed a video about it haven’t I! Oh yes my very first filmed, edited and uploaded favourites video is here and I can’t actually believe it! Brace yourselves – it’s real people!

Since doing favourites posts I’ve always written them month by month whilst a video runs through my head. I imagine what I would say, possibly what I would be wearing but alas I’ve always managed to talk myself back out of my ‘grand idea’ and opted for the comforts of the written word. As nice as that has been it’s time to put my big girl pants on (oh yes) step out of those comfort zones and into the camera. I really you enjoy the video and me bumbling along about why I’ve been loving these fab favourites for the past month.

Check out the video here