Key to Radiant Skin

radiant skin

Ah that all important word radiance. That illusive thing that everyone desires in these cold winter months yet it can be so difficult to achieve. Dry skin, cold winds, not the ideal setting for glowing skin – how can you impart that natural illumination without piling on the products? I’ve found that with this, less is more. Selecting key items that blend seamlessly into the skin to give a hint of glow to the right places helps to lift the complexion as opposed to dragging it down. These are my top three picks at the moment to boost the light button when it comes to your skin.

Murad Instant Radiance Eye Cream* – warning, this tiny pot contains a hefty price tag however some also rather bold claims. Targeted treatment to brighten, smooth and erase dark circles I had my doubts as to how wonderful it really is. For a person that struggles with darkness under they eyes anything that claims to banish them is worth a try in my books. Clinically proven to provide results I’ve found this has helped to make the area under my eyes more radiant, but would recommend getting your hands on a sample before forking out the big bucks.

Clinique Airbrush Concealer* – if you are looking for coverage as opposed to treatment, want to banish dark circles, illuminate under the eyes or give your face a cheeky bit of contour, this concealer can achieve all the above. A light reflecting pen this cranks out a peachy pink product that can be applied wherever you need a hit of radiance to the skin. Not only can it mask imperfections, the creamy yet light formula glides onto the skin with a soft applicator thats small enough to fit in the creases of the face.

Balance Me Radiance Face Mask* – you know me, love a good mask! Especially one that promises to buff away any dull or lifeless areas in your complexion. Smoothed over cleansed skin I massage this onto my face before leaving for 5 minutes to work it’s magic. Reviving tired skin this contains a fruit acid complex to restore that glow during the Winter months.

*pr sample