The Drugstore Contour

drugstore contour
drugstore contour
drugstore contour

Contouring is one of those makeup steps that you either love or loathe. I’m not talking Kim K extreme face reshaping here although it does look that way in the photo above instead I’m more about enhancing your natural contours whilst adding a bit of colour and definition to your face. I’ve got some pretty podgy cheeks that result in a round face shape, to counteract this I like to faux up those cheekbones and create a more chiseled look with a bronzer and highlighter duo. Recently I’ve been upping the anti and trying out what the drugstore has to offer in terms of contour – not all glow getting products have to cost a month in rent ;)

To Highlight – aka step one. To mask those bags whilst lifting the area around your eyes, I opt for the Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Eraser Eye. Naff packaging aside hello gunk city this does a kick ass job at counteracting any blue tones whilst being bright enough to lift the high points of your face. Along the centre of your nose and throughout that magic triangle under your eyes, this helps to awaken the areas whilst brining those sections of your face towards to light giving the impression of a more defined bone structure – oer!

To Contour – these days I wouldn’t be without a bit of bronzer. A step I rarely forgo I find the addition of a cool toned brown through the hollows of my cheeks makes the world of difference. My go to pick at the moment has been the Soap & Glory’s Solar Powder as the two toned palette gives you the option of contouring or bronzing you face. Currently I mix the two shades together and dust it throughout my cheeks, temple and under my jaw line for that defined look. The soft colour keeps the look natural yet gives that amplified structure to your face.

  • I love the Solar Powder! It is the perfect shade for my fair skin and blends like a dream. I still haven’t got my hands on the RT Contour brush, but it looks like the perfect shape and size to help sculpt.

    Rachill //

    • This is one of the best brushes I have found for contouring! It gives the shape thanks to the tapered top yet is fluffy enough to blend out any harsh lines xx

  • I really want to try this!!! Sounds so good :)

    Wing me a dream

  • Lets Talk Beauty

    I have both of these products so Im going to give it a whirl.

  • I love the Soap & Glory bronzer! I have one from Sephora and don’t use it as much as the S&G one. It definitely gives a natural shape to my face and I get compliments when wearing it. Great Duo here! :) xx

    Mary Bloomy

  • That is actually my HG concealer, I love that thing and honestly best concealer I have ever used. I never contour, it’s the one step that I always skip cause I find it almost do nothing for me but maybe I’m doing it wrong?

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    • Glad you love to concealer too – maybe try a light dusting with a cool toned bronzer to step into the realm of contouring?xx

  • katie m

    i really should look into that concealer, i’ve seen good things and great reviews on it

  • rebekah maryx

    the soap and glory bronzer is amazing

  • Ok, enough, I need that bronzer! I have seen it so many times and everyone is saying it’s amazing, so I really do :) xx

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  • I am probably the only person that didn’t like the solar powder, I love all of their products, but this really disappointed me x

  • Karii Zenteno

    Looks so natural! That concealer is EVERYWHERE and the more I hear about it the more I’m sure I’m gonna end up buying it! x

  • Dani

    Contouring & concealing – two things that have thwarted me for years. I have struggled with concealer 1. because I can’t seem to find one that blends well & doesn’t look like paint on my face & 2. because I like to use powder foundation. That Maybelline one has such rave reviews – I think I’m going to have to suck it up & try it out. & that Soap & Glory bronzer looks great because it’s so light! I struggle to contour because I always fear that it just looks like I have a streak of dirt on my face (the only one I’ve ever used is NYC Sunny).

  • Mariahere

    Contouring is so easy, i had to practice a bit, but i learned how to do that!

  • Kerm

    I find it a hard job to have that perfect contoured and defined face too (I also have big cheeks) but I am getting better! This post is a great, uncomplicated guide, thank you for posting it :) x

  • Mariahere

    Great post! I am becoming a great fan of contouring!