Let’s Talk Bases: Part 13 L’Oreal

loreal foundation true match
loreal true match

Hold the phone for I have finally braved the drugstore foundation aisles and snapped myself up a new base. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m adverse to a budget friendly foundation, I just find their displays and shade selection a tad overwhelming. Akin to the Boxing Day sales, having a large amount of products in a teeny tiny space causes me to do a runner in the opposite direction. Luckily I managed to hit Boots on a quite Sunday and had almost the entire makeup section to myself – bliss! This rare treat meant that I had no excuse not to delve in the foundation selection and try out what was on offer.

I opted the L’Oreal True Match Foundation due to rave reviews and wide shade selection. Settling on the colour R3:C3 Rose Beige this initially leans towards the ashy side when applied but has a tendency to oxidise making the final colour a smidgen darker. Formulation wise I would pop it smack bang in the middle of medium to full coverage, it’s definitely buildable yet remains lightweight on the skin. I apply this with my RT buffing brush (shock) and it blends seamlessly to be left almost undetectable. Matching my combo skin type it doesn’t worsen any oily sections yet also manages to avoid sticking onto anything dry.

For a drugstore foundation I am impressed and have found myself reaching for it on most mornings. With good lasting power I can get through a day at work without too many disappearing acts, the tell tail spots do show a bit of wear (nose I’m looking at you) however this is nothing that couldn’t be rectified with a light dusting of powder. One thing this foundation has managed to do is restore my faith in the drugstore bases, next time I can get I good look in without having an elbow in my face, may result in me stocking up on a few more.

  • thisgirlloveschic

    i use to have this! will have to purchase this again forgot about this product it is a gooden for a drugstore foundation

    This Girl Loves Chic




    • It really is – after my initial fear of cheaper foundations this has made me love them all!xx

  • This foundation has been talked about so much this year and its not even new! I am not big on foundations but this sounds like a great budget option!


  • I have heard so much about this, but I struggle to find my shade every time I try to pick it up!


    • I delved in and went for the closet – sometimes the more you look the harder it is to pick!xx

  • Kerm

    I’ve come across this one this year and I’ve bought it few times, it’s become a staple for me, and I apply it with the RT buffing brush too. ;) Though I find aswell it goes patchy around the nose but like you said, a bit of powder will fix that :)

  • I’m curious than ever to try this foundation myself! I have to check it out soon! Sounds amazing! :)

    Mary Bloomy

  • Ah I need to try thisa asap, everyone raves about it!

    Sophie x

  • I tried this a while ago and feel that my skin was in a bad way so need to try it again sometime. Shade is good for you. xoxo


  • Emily

    This is my current foundation, I’ve repurchased it since the summer :) I love how liquidy it is! It blends really beautifully with my Laura Mercier Radiance Primer :)

  • Paulaena Franco

    I recently purchased this and I have to say, I am loving it! I find myself reaching for it more than my NARS Sheer Glow. I do get slightly oily when using this so I like to use a powder and an oil-controlling setting spray :)

    Tweezers and Tongs

    • I am too – I find it suits my skin better in the winter and when teamed with a dusting of power it lasts all day xx

  • Katie Q

    I have just discovered this blog and love it! can you use the RT buffing brush for putting on liquid foundation? Really? Loved the makeup tutorial too! I am a little bit older though .. and just hope this is suitable for more mature skin?

    • Welcome :) I used to only ever use the RT buffing brush for liquid foundation, it is brill! I think with it’s new hydrating properties this should be fine for you :) xx

      • Kate Q

        Well, I have purchased the L’Oreal True Match foundation so fingers crossed x