Why Do You Blog?


18th July 2010, 12.22pm, the day and time my first blog post was published into the digital universe called the Internet. Entitled ‘Welcome to my Blog’ this sat on a site that looked incomparable to what you see today (and even lived under a completely different name!) Now hidden under the safeguard of the draft feature, the first steps were made and over four years later, with daily beauty posts going strong for almost two of those years, I’m still here and loving blogging more than ever. A hobby and passion of mine this community and creative medium never ceases to amaze me and I’m constantly left in awe of the joy it can bring me on a daily basis.

Blogging has changed vastly over the years and has evolved into platform that is so powerful it gives traditional print media a run for it’s money. With my little blog ticking along in the background what keeps me coming back? Running a site even this size is no mean feat with content creation, image editing, brand management and any attempt at HTML coding keeping you busy. That doesn’t even include the crazy social media side of it all, whoever said blogging was easy clearly hasn’t tried ;) That being said, with a pinch of dedication mixed with a bucket full of passion you can keep a site alive and make it a place to be proud of.

Now it’s time to turn the tables on you – if you are a blogger, what keeps you investing and growing your site day by day? If you are an avid reader of blogs what makes you come back to your favourites and which posts do you enjoy the most? Looking back over my blog fills my heart with a warm glow of being able to see what my hard work has created. It may not be perfect but it’s me and I love this site and you for reading it :)

  • Annabel

    I can’t believe how blogging has changed within a few years, and like you I started purely as a hobby. Blissfully unaware of the entire blogging world!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    • Niya Ampatt

      I started blogging in september this year and enjoy doing it soo much! It has opened my eyes already to great things and is a really good way to show your opinion and skills.

      Niya x


      • I love how creative and open you can be and it’s a great way to find like minded people :) xx

    • It really has – it’s become an incredible medium that is so exciting to be part of!xx

  • Abbie Rose

    The feeling you get when you hit publish is just amazing! All your hard work is right in front of you on a digital page, quite satisfying!


  • Lovely post! For me blogging is such a great hobby because I get to learn about so many lovely products which I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to, the whole blogging community is amazing and it has majorly helped me improve my photography/SEO/netowrking skills!!

    Josie XOXO

    Fashion Mumblr

    • So glad you liked it :) I love how much you learn when blogging and how many skills you get from it!xx

  • I started blogging in April, so only 7 months ago but I love doing it. I mostly treat it as a hobby at this stage. I have always loved makeup and now I have a place to write about it. I agree it’s a ton of work, most of which people are not aware of. But hearing from readers and chatting with them makes me so very happy!

    • Mine is a hobby too – a hobby which allows me to escape from working life and talk about the things I love!xx

  • Christina Langner

    It’s fantastic you have already been blogging for so long and you still enjoy it so much I’ve been blogging for exactly a year now and love it more and more!

    Love your blog!

    much love xxx


  • I started getting into my blog over the past year and I love having a place where I get to choose what to write about. I also really enjoy the challenge of coming up with content and getting that perfect photo. I find that I’m attracted to blogs where I can get to know the author. (Something I’m working on for my own blog) I’m a big fan of your Sunday Share and This Week I’ve Been features! Keep it up girl!

    • It’s the best isn’t it! Thanks for the kind words – sometimes it can be hard going but it’s all worth it in the end xx

  • Kerm

    I blog because I’m truly passionate about blogging about make-up, beauty and life. I’ve met some truly lovely people through it. And pressing ‘Publish’ is so satisfying :) x


    • It really is! It’s such an incredible place and I’m so glad everyone loves it so much :) xx

  • I just adore reading, writing and interacting with people who have similar interests!

    Sophie x

  • I’ve been reading beauty blogs (yours has always been one of my favourites!) for years and at the beginning of summer I finally decided to start my own: I was becoming crazy reviewing products in my mind, ahah!

    Gyudy’s Notes Of Beauty

    • Aw you are too kind! I love your blog too :) It’s so nice getting to know people whilst being able to read their blogs and interactive via the comments!xx

  • Kelly glen

    I find reading blogs is a great way to take my mind off the problems I have in my life at the moment. I look forward to reading my favourite blogs everyday to see what they have been up to and what new products they are trying out.
    Your blog is one of my favourites to read. Please keep posting as much as you can.

    • Thanks for your lovely comment – so nice to hear from people who enjoy reading my blog :) I use it as a place to escape to as well – my happy place!xx

  • Alice Campbell

    I started my blog just a week ago and I am already planning loads of posts! I started because I was reading so many beauty blogs thinking how much I loved the beauty business and then realised I could get involved and make something I’m proud of too! So far I’ve not done many posts but you’re right, the planning, photo taking and time that goes into a post is a lot of hard work… that’s why I haven’t got many posts up yet! Love the blog xx

    • A pinch of hard work and lots of dedication and before you know it you will have been blogging for years! So glad you’ve started one :) xx

  • Cat

    Fab post! I started 3 years ago now and am still in love with my blog. It’s helped me enter the career or my dreams and helps teach me skills which are invaluable to my job – I never imagined that when I started it way back then!

    Cat from Outside Beauty, Inside Health

    • Oh wow that’s incredible! I find it amazing how blog helps support so many dreams and jobs and it’s fantastic to hear that it has for you too and that you still love blogging :) xx