The New Skincare Storage

skincare storage
skincare storage
skincare storage

If theres one thing I love more than buying skincare and makeup, it’s organising it. I’m forever shuffling products around and rearranging my storage space in a bid to find the perfect solution. Whether that actually exists I’m starting to wonder as instead of potentially improving how items are kept, I focus on sprucing up the area and injecting a bit of life into a space that can start to look a tad tired. Besides, I don’t think it is physically possible to own too many whicker baskets or boxes ;)

After a recent trip to Homesense (oh yes the interior design and furniture mecca) I left with slightly more than I had bargained for. Part of that haul included this wire tiered basket that I believe came from the bathroom section. It cost under the £10 mark and although I initially bought it on a sheer whim, I’ve utilised it as a super handy skincare storage solution. It’s finish looks neat and unassuming and fits into my room as if it was always here.

Pre wired basked, my daily essentials lived in one of my many whicker baskets. This ensured that nothing was too out on display but it also meant it was a bit of a pickle to reach for things in the morning when my eyes were still covered in sleep. Although this new addition showcases every item, it ensures that I only house my absolute essentials whilst encouraging me to use every item in there. I know, might sound a tad mad but since getting this I’ve managed to pop on my Aesop Serum and La Roche Posay Eye Cream everyday. Plus points for me ;)

What’s your goto storage solution for your daily essentials? Do you switch up where you keep your makeup and skincare items?

  • Oh this is a great idea! I am always so hassled with my skincare and where to out it! It never fits my bathroom shelf and neither are my drawers big enough to hold everything! this is neat! :-)


    • I know it can be impossible to work out where to put those products! I like how this holds everything but looks pretty at the same time xx

  • I love Homesense and TK Maxx! There are always nice things to bring home ;)

  • Kamila

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  • Jpoppy

    Cute storage!! I am such a TK Maxx fan….. xoxo

  • I don’t believe we will ever find the perfect storage, haha. Well done, love how you’ve snazzed things up.

    X Alice

  • thisgirlloveschic

    this is such a good idea!! love it

    This Girl
    Loves Chic

    : ThisGirlLovesChic

  • I am still looking for the perfect storage for skincare! This is definitively one of the best I have seen: See through without looking messy! I also like the fact it does not take a lot of space! Will try to find something similar! Thanks for sharing!

    Glam O’Clock | Beauty Blog

  • Robyn

    This is pretty AND genius! My skincare is scattered EVERYWHERE (I’m much tidier with my makeup as I don’t own or use all that much of it) but my desk is just bottles upon bottles… I need one of these. Off to HomeSense! Thanks for this :-)

    Robyn x

    • My pleasure – so glad you like it! It’s amazing how storage meant for a bathroom or kitchen actually works perfect for makeup or skincare!xx