Dirty Burger


Last week I professed my love and slight obsession with brunch, although that is my favourite meal to have, today I am turning the food dial to dinner and embracing burgers. I’ve never been a massive fan of red meat and burgers in general, adverse to mayo and as my friends would say ‘anything with flavour’ whenever I do go for a burger option it usually ends up being chicken and requested to plain. Oh yes, bun and meat nothing else, fancy aye ;) Trying to embrace a wider palette in my life my friend and I headed over to the super popular joint Dirty Burger to embrace the meat and delve into the burger world.

Dirty Burger comes from the same people that bring you Chicken Shop, a fuss free and no frills approach to good food. With a number of restaurants in town we initially headed to the Vauxhall establishment however this is more of a takeaway facility. Limited seating the queue ran out onto the street so we hopped right back into the car and drove over to their Whitechapel home. Here you get both Dirty Burger and the Chicken Shop all under one roof, burger with a side of chicken, don’t mind if I do!

With the menu plastered on the wall the relaxed atmosphere starts from the moment you walk in. Seating a plenty we made ourselves at home and ordered almost everything on the menu. Cheeseburger (plain obvs) with curly chips and avocado salad thanks to the Chicken Shop menu. As it was Halloween night I treated myself to a chocolate milkshake to satisfy my sweet tooth and it was delicious. You never have to wait long for the food to arrive and within minutes it had been demolished. Burger was juicy, well cooked and ozzing with flavour, prices are nice and purse friendly and overall both myself and my friend vowed to return. Dirty Burger – thumbs up from me!