Getting HD Brows

hd brows
hd brows

HD Brows Eye & Brow Palette*

Brows, one of those features on everyones face that can be easily forgotten about but when cared for and paid a little bit of attention, they can make the biggest difference. The HD Brows brand has hit the beauty world by storm with their fab palettes filled with a range of wearable brow colours. Recently their palettes have had a revamp and launched in a gorgeous sleek black box with mirror and brush. Not only do these palettes hold a bundle of brow shades to give you definition and shape, they can also be used as eye shadows meaning this is super versatile and perfect for when you are travelling.

In the palette 002 Foxy you will find a highlighter, dark blonde shade, medium brown offering and black carbon. The final fifth item is wax that can be mixed with the shadows to give more hold to your brows. There is three versions of this palette meaning if you have fair hair and skin, medium hair and skin or dark hair and skin, there are shades to suit you. The shadows themselves are a pigmented and super buttery meaning application is a dream, with the dual applicator brush you can easily achieve your desired brow look and vary the finish from strong to softer depending on how you like your brows to be.

The new HD Brow Palette launches today over on QVC. It has already become a staple in my brow care routine and the versatile colours means that my brows will suit any occasion.

*pr sample