A Skincare Treat

aurelia liberty
aurelia liberty

Does anyone else have a bundle of items that end up being on your wish list for what feels like an eternity yet never manage to make their way into your mitts? There are a select few products that are forever on my list to buy however never manage to escape that status. I don’t know what the reasoning behind it is, lack of money, endless supply of empties (ha!) or maybe it’s just because I manage to see something else that catches my eye instead. That being said, I am slowly starting to make my way through these items and finally surrendering to those pricey picks that never make their way off the shelves and into my arms.

First off my list came from a sneaky pit stop at Liberty on my way home from work. I know, it is far too tempting being so near this gorgeous store filled with oodles of beauty delights but I just had to make a stop off to pick up this overdue purchase. The wait is finally over and the Aurelia Miracle Cleanser is back in my life. I tried this probiotic cleanser over a year ago and fell head over heels for it, whilst it was in my skincare routine I remember thinking my skin looked incredible and I have a feeling that this is partly the reason why. Used as a second cleanser this super soft and calming cream glides onto the skin and lifts away any impurities. It doesn’t strip away essential oils, instead it hydrates dehydrated skin and promotes a radiant glow. With a number of beauty awards already under it’s belt this is a real winner across the board. Paired with their serum and luxurious night oil it’s a match made in skincare heaven.

  • So glad you finally got these items from your wishlist :) Love when I can finally cross it off the list!

    Iman Iqbal | Beauty, Fashion, & Lifestyle Blog ✷

  • Oooh Liberty… those purple bags are magic, I swear. I’m nervous about Googling this cleanser however, I’m legit afraid the price will make me weep!

    • They really are! Haha luckily it isn’t one of those uber expensive items otherwise it wouldn’t even have made it onto my wish list ;) xx

  • Kerm

    Oh wow this sounds amazing! I want. I have a thing for luxury skincare products x


  • I really love to treat myself at Liberty London. I used to live in central London so beauty shopping was endless and amazing. Having moved away I visit every 3 months or so, but rarely get a chance to visit good old Liberty. But it is great to splurge on a beautiful product like Aurelia at Liberty, you’ve persuaded me to make another trip down! Thank god they have an online store, but it’s just not the same as getting those regal purple bags from the store!


    • I totally agree – something about being able to walk around yourself knowing there is the purple bag at the end. Nothing beats it ;) xx