The Juice Cleanse with Purifyne

juice cleanse
juice cleanse
juice cleanse
juice cleanse

Last week, I did something rather different. I embarked upon a new adventure that not only was a first for myself, it honestly filled me with dash of fear and sprinkle dread before it started. The adventure in question is a juice cleanse, oh yes, replacing delicious food with erm delicious juices to cleanse your body and remove any toxins that may be lurking around. I have never done anything like a juice cleanse before and only recently have I even got into smoothies, now you can understand where the element of dread was coming from ;) Even so, I put on a brave face and got ready to ditch the grub ready for a more healthy influx of treats. Considering this was my first ever cleanse I choose to do the Jucies ’til Dinner Cleanse with Purifyne, as opposed to replacing all your meals with juices with this option you still get to enjoy a healthy dinner. I chose the 3 days day detox, short and sweet and you get 3 juices per day, a spicy lemonade, coconut water, set of supplements and guidelines.

From start to end Purifyne have been a fantastic company, they offer a bounty full of detox options and you really feel like you are imparting on something good for you. You fill out a form at the beginning of the detox and again right before you start so they can send you specific information regarding any digestive problems you might have flagged. The detox arrives on your first day with everything you need, all the juices, a laminated plan and also all the supplements that you need to take along the course of the detox. With everything so clearly planned out you can trust that you are doing the detox right ensuring you get the maximum benefits! Considering I was starting at the deep end I did struggle to drink the juices, they weren’t horrible but I would recommend trying a couple before you start! That being said I found the detox helped to kickstart my energy levels and I could see the results of consuming so many natural ingredients.

Understandably a juice cleanse and detox isn’t the cheapest experience out there, however if you are able to embark on one I do recommend it. I prefer the dinner option in this cleanse as you know you can have a nice healthy meal in the evening as opposed to being limited to juices. I found the Morning Live Bliss was my favourite juice but it did taste very strongly of carrots. Bright Green wasn’t too bad on the old taste buds and I liked the refreshing cucumber in the Dark Green Juice. Overall I am really glad I tried the detox, and felt cleansed as a result. I would recommend speaking to the lovely people at Purifyne if you are not sure which cleanse to do, whats great is that they also offer bespoke cleanse packs that can be tailor made to you. Who knows, juicing might just become part of my daily routine ;)

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  • This is a great idea! We have a juicer at home and have got into the habit of making them , it’s just such a mission to clean it though :(

    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr

  • Aww…no delicious food pictures for the next few days then. Now that’s a bummer…but that aside, hope you will update us how you feel after 3 days! xx

    • Luckily this cleanse is over and done! Sneaked through it early last week and didn’t feel too bad afterwards – just wanted more cake :P xx

  • I like the idea but boy am I grouchy when I’m hungry… x