The Hydraluron Big Three

indeed hydraluron
indeed hydraluron

Needless to say, there is a lotta hype and love surrounding the Indeed Laboratories brand, especially when it comes to their coveted Hydraluron range. When this dropped everyone quickly wised up to the world of dehydrated skin and realised that some of their problem areas was down to this previously unknown term. Oh yes, your skin may not be dry, instead those pesky areas of tightness can be down to this skin condition called dehydration. Fancy stuff I know, and if like me you ever wanted to ponder what your skin is up to I recommend hot footing your way over to the brilliant cheat sheet from Caroline all about dry and dehydrated skin. Time to get your knowledge on ;)

After the Hydraluron Serum* became an overnight success, Indeed Laboratories noticed the trend, and subsequent high volume of sales, so got to work incorporating this buzz ingredient into more products. If you didn’t already know hyaluronic acid can absorb up to 1000 times it’s weight in water, therefore for those of you with dehydrated skin, this will be your best friend as it behaves like a strong magnet when paired with your fav moisturiser. After the serum came the Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask* that, not only makes you look super scary when applied, also helps to restore skins optimum hydration levels.

New on the scene is the third instalment in the Hydraluron trilogy, welcome everyone the Moisture Jelly*. Recently launched this moisturiser uses a combination of five ingredients to help give not only instant, but also sustained moisturise to your skin. Apply to cleansed skin both in the morning and at night this will aid in increase the moisture levels within your skin and keeps your face hydrated throughout the day. On a slightly sad note, one of the most exciting things about this product is, shocker, the packaging. Yup we have a push pump system going on here ladies and gentlemen! This gel feels super cooling to the touch and on first impressions, I am suitably impressed.

Have you delved into any of the Hydraluron products? Which so far is your favourite?

*pr sample