Trying Out Formula X

formula x
formula x

When in the States, there is an unwritten rule that you must pickup a Formula X Nail Varnish and try out this hyped up nail brand as no trip to a Sephora across the pond would be complete without one. I made sure that I didn’t miss out on giving this brand a whirl and was instantly drawn in by two of their nudy shades. Quicker then you could say ‘would you like a bag with that’ I had brought them home with me after they enjoyed a safe flight wrapped up in one of the biggest bundles of tissue paper I have ever seen. No surprises here, the shades that caught my eye were part of the New Neturals collection. Thrilling, which is in the photos above, is a cloudy light grey shade and Unmistakable is a gorgeous cool toned pastel jade.

First things first (I’m the realest. Jks) I adore the bottles. Square, chic, simple, perfection. Yes I am a bottle snob when it comes to nail varnishes but I just can’t help it. These get the seal of approval from me and the white caps pop off to reveal the twist bottle underneath with the applicator attached. Now you don’t get any Essie Diffusion style thick brushes here which is a shame, however thanks to the formula, application is a dream. Two coats is all you need and you can easily cover your nail with two swipes. You are left with a stunning opaque cover that looks super pretty on your nails. Unmistakable hasn’t been put to the test yet but considering Thrilling has been on my nails for the past two weeks, I can pretty much confirm my love for these polishes.

Lasting time? Four to five days with a good top coat and base coat and the duration depends on how much you get distracted at work and end up picking at your nails guilty as charged. Also keep in mind the colour swatches on the Sephora site bare no resemblance to the actual polish shades themselves. Either take a look in store or Google some reviews to be sure =)