Boots Essentials

boots essentials

After spending yesterday sharing with you my eternal repurchase I thought that today I would share with you a couple of essentials that I buy from Boots. Slightly lower down on the price point scale but still just as important, these essentials remain throughout my collection and are staples come rain or shine. First up on the list is the L’Oreal TXT Volume Supersizing Spray which is my best friend when it comes to achieving daily texture. A couple of sprays adds oopmh and volume to my straight and fine locks however it doesn’t leave me looking like a birds nest that hasn’t run a brush through itself for two years too long. Cheap as chips and honestly it is one of my favourite styling products.

The second is a summer must have if you are like me and have a tendency to be lumbered with pale skin that burns as soon as it is exposed to the sunlight. When I was living it up over in Vegas I may have spent the majority of my pool time hiding out under a umbrella due to the blistering heat. I just can’t hack sun bathing so the next best thing is to go faux. Taking into consideration my tendency to mishap with fake tans I prefer the option of using a glow enhancing moisturiser. The Dove Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion in Medium to Dark Skin helps to impart that sun kissed look without making you appear tangoed. Super simple to apply, one application and you may be mistaken that I spent the weekend frolicking around the French Rivera. Also for a more instant summers glow I recommend picking up the darker shade ;)

As soon as each item starts to run out I rush myself to my nearest Boots and snap them up alongside a few Boots points for good measure. Do you have any essentials that you pick up each time they run out?