The Primer Picks


One area where things got a little cray whilst I was beauty splurging, was in the primer department. Foundations, lipsticks and blushers I switch up almost daily (I know, I have a problem) but with primers I am usually pretty dedicated. My much loved Laura Mercier Oil Free Primer is the fav, so much so I’m onto my third tube. Although this has been the case for well over a year, my primer senses was starting to tingle and the need to add some newbies into the mix was too strong. So strong in fact I picked up three, but it’s okay, one doesn’t really count ;) The first primer was because of the hype. Hello Kiehl’s Micro-Blur Skin Perfector. I blame this purchase onto the fact that this was sitting pride of place in duty free. When you are going to look so inviting, what else do you expect me to do? With promising powers of pore reduction I had to see what the fuss was about. Beauty blogger confession. I’ve used it once #failalert

Onto a more promising primer pick, this was snapped up simply because the sales assistant was lovely. Not one of those ‘buy everything from this one brand and look like an oomph loompa’ kind of assistants, nope she cared and even helped me out across multiple brands. Because of her selling powers the Jouer Anti Blemish Matte Primer was mine. As I’m into all things dewy the word matte did have me a tad worried, however the anti blemish properties won me over. A makeup and skincare hybrid this helps your foundation to last longer whilst caring for your complexion. Formulated with Salicylic Acid this helps to reduce congestion and battles any existing blemishes. So far, it is a winner and gets two big thumbs up from me. Last up on the primer tray is the Jouer Sheer Bronzing Tint. See. Doesn’t count as a primer ;)

This is an ultra sheer base that can be used to inject the most gorgeous glow to your skin. Containing Vitamin A & C it boosts antioxidants whilst providing the skin with hydrating properties, and there is also an SPF of 15 packed away too. Either worn alone or paired with your favourite foundation, this can help to warm up those cooler tones to meet your newly tanned complexion. One of those multifunction products that can be used whichever way you need it I’ve found that this works across a multitude of bases, consistencies and formulas. If you are just looking to add a kiss of colour to your cheeks, this is all you need.