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john fredia volume
john fredia volume

John Fredia Volume Range*

Drum roll please – I have finally found a ‘drugstore’ hairecare range that imparts volume, lift and life to my fine and straight tresses. This hunt has been a long an arduous one however I have finally seen the light and found a range that pretty much does what it says on the bottle. The products in question are from John Fredia and are part of their Luxurious Volume range. After getting my hopes up only to have them broken, cheers L’Oreal Fibrology, I was becoming wary of the claims made by those brands you can pickup in my beloved Boots and Superdrug. Could a more budget friendly option live up to their wild claims or did I have to spend the bucks in order to see results?

John Fredia are a brand that I’ve funnily enough never tried. Known for their Frizz Ease range I’ve always bypassed them when I’ve been shelf hunting. Being slightly naive I was unaware of their volume specific range and now it comes packed with care for colour treated hair, I couldn’t resist. I’ve been trilling the original formula that sets to transform flat and lifeless tresses. When using the shampoo and conditioner together I could already feel in the shower that my hair felt thicker. Add in their new Fine to Full Blow Out Spray (which FYI has become a quick and firm fav) you are left with the body and bounce your hair craves. Understandably unless I include a backcombing brush and dry shampoo into the mix I don’t look like the picture on the box, however for a purse friendly range that does make a different it gets a high five all round from me.

*pr sample