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neom candle
neom candle

Neom Complete Bliss Home Candle – £39.50*

If you graced this blog with your presence yesterday you may have noticed a sneaky candle sitting in the corner of my favourites picture. Nothing was said about this candle because it deserves an entire post dedicated to the wondrous fragrance that is the Neom Complete Bliss Home Candle. I’ve been lucky enough to try out my fair share of Neom candles recently and each one I light seems to smell better and better. Complete Bliss is a Moroccan Rose Blush candle and is a modern take on the traditional rose scent. Added into the mix is a touch of black pepper (strange but bare with me) and a hint of lime that really give the fragrance a kick into the 21st Century. As soon as you take the lid of the box you are greeted with this refreshing fragrance and whether it is lit or just standing pride of place on your countertop, you will notice the scent quickly filling up the room around you.

Although Neom candles are not the cheapest in the world I do find them to be the best value for money. For the price you get up to 50 hours of burn time which is 30% longer then standard premium candles. The impressive three wicks stand proud and every candle you get from Neom boasts holistic treatments that you breathe in from the air when they are lit. Made using vegetable wax and pure essential oils you get a natural and clean burn and I’ve always found the wax to remain the most clear and even from Neom candles. As soon as this candle starts to burn I can feel myself relax and unwind from lifes daily stresses and out of the Neom candles I have tried so far, this one pips it to the winners post for me. I must have good taste as apparently this is one of the founders favourite candle too ;)

*pr sample