Winning Lipstick Duo

mac lipsticks
mac lipsticks
mac lipsticks

Lipsticks – when it comes to these little sticks of colour for your lips are you adventurous or do you find yourself veering more towards the safety shades? Do you look at your lipstick and ponder over the perfect shade to match and blend it with or do you use each shade as they come? Personally I flit between the two, I am either as loyal as a daisy or I find myself at the opposite end of the spectrum wearing a different shade everyday and mixing three different options together. Although I own more then enough lip products for any sane person I do find myself itching to head to the beauty halls and snap up another shade to add to my already brimming bounty. This time, instead of rushing out splurging the pennies I figured I would do one better and try out a new combination to give an unexpected lease of life to my former unloved lipsticks. By layering two together you can create a unique shade that can be built up depending on how much colour you want to wear.

The two shades I have been matching together recently are Hue and Impassioned. Hue used to receive a whole lotta love back in the days when I enjoyed the concealer lip look. You know the trend, a handful of years ago Myth stole the lipstick crown and suddenly became an everyday wearable look and Hue was it’s ‘toned down’ counterpart. Then there is Impassioned, sitting opposite, this is a bright and bold pink shade that can take a bit of cojones to pull off. When looking for a soft wearable pink shade and wanting something different I paired the two together. A layer of Hue first to create a nude base following by a light patting (with your finger or brush to control application) of Impassioned and you are left with a lighter and more wearable version of Impassioned. I love the two blended together and until I get the nerve to chop a bit off and mix them together, they will be living in my handbag in unison.

  • i love those colors !! i love pink lipsticks so much :) and they look awesome on you doll !! i am your new follower on GFC and on Bloglovin :) would you like to do the same :) xx

  • Sandy

    I’m always looking for that exact shade of light pink lipstick, definitely going to try this out! :) xx

    • It means any shade you need you will probs have there just needs to be matched together =) xx

  • Ah what a lovely shade! Thank you for giving me an excuse to buy 2 lipsticks and not just one! Yay! x

  • They look lovely together, I’ve never thought to really combine lipsticks..

    Ash xx

  • Sophie Blumenthal

    Both such stunning shades, great idea!

    Sophie x

  • These look beautiful, such a pretty spring shade :)

  • AuntyMiff

    Gorgeous! I love a MAC lipstick, Yet to find a brand I think nail it better overall!

    Charlotte – x

  • Kerm

    I would be adventurous in lipstick, but I do have a few firm favourites that I’d wear more than others. :) These shades would be beautiful if you did a two toned look. :)

  • Amy

    This is super pretty, I never think to blend my colours.
    Amy x