Wax in the City

wax in the city

Wax in the City*

Last Friday night I experienced something new in the world of waxing. Hard to imagine that an act as simple as getting your eyebrows waxed can change in this day and age but the norm has been altered and a new format of waxing has been introduced to the streets of London. As opposed to a traditional beauty salon where you book in for an appointment to get seen alongside a pot of wax that has been sitting in a treatment room for longer then you would care to know, in this new concept your don’t need an appointment and the wax is bought to you. That’s right downstairs from reception in the King’s Road studio are six (which be expanded up to twelve) mini cubicles where your wax artist will bring a fresh pot of wax directly to you. Alongside fresh and sanitary wax they also use hot was as opposed to strip wax.

The difference with hot wax is that instead of being removed via a strip of cloth, the wax is left on the skin to solidify and and then it is taken off by the wax itself. This method causes less pain as only the individual hair strands are removed as opposed to an entire layer of skin too. Alongside the pain scale this also helps more hair to be removed as the wax opens up the pores to allow the hair to be removed from the root instead of it being broken. When you arrive at Wax in the City your assistant is given a set of spatulas and tweezers so you know whatever is used on you hasn’t be used before on anyone else. You will never have to wait for more then 20 minutes to be seen and you can be rest assured that every member of staff has received the same training at the head office so each experience will be as great as the last. If that isn’t enough Wax in the City also have a range of products to help take care of your skin and waxing treatment.

From a person that works long hours, the ability to have a walk in facility for waxing where you know the staff are skilled and the wait will never be too long is pretty darn perfect. The amount of appointments I have missed already due to a late running meeting means that this gives you flexibility and ease when it comes to waxing and you can be rest assured that no matter who carries out your waxing treatment, they will be just as skilled and you will receive the same wonderful treatment.

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