Rekindling my Love with the Body Shop

body shop
body shop

Body Shop White Musk Smokey Rose Eau De Toilette* & Body Lotion*

The Body Shop is a store that I find myself visiting less frequently as my ‘obsession’ with beauty has expanded. When I was younger it used to be one of my favourite haunts, so much so that I have even been on a Body Shop factory tour (fun fact for you there!) It’s not like I ever stopped liking the Body Shop but I’ve found that as I’ve grown up, I’ve drifted away from those brands that I associate with my younger self. Instead I have fallen into the hands of the more expensive beauty hall luxuries and turned my back on those items that I used as a teenager. That being said, these past couple of month The Body Shop have been bringing out new and innovating products that have got my beauty spider scenes tingling.

One of the sets that has quickly wangled it’s way into my daily routine is the White Musk Smokey Rose fragrance combination. Comprising of an Eau De Toilette, Body Lotion, Shower Cream and Eau De Parfum all your bases are covered when it comes to incorporating this delicious fragrance into your morning routine. I am a fan of layering my body moisturiser with my perfume as I find it helps the fragrance to linger longer on your skin and means you don’t need to use as much perfume. The White Musk Smokey Rose scent comprises of musk, tobacco flower and black rose to give a seductive and rich scent. The 30ml perfume bottle is the perfect handbag accompaniment and the body lotion is rich and hydrating. I have always loved the  body moisturisers from The Body Shop and this has quickly risen to the top of my favs list.

*pr sample

  • Gee Hawkes

    I have to agree with you that I’ve found I’ve distanced myself from brands like the Body Shop too as I’ve grown up, but this post has reminded me to try them out again! I love their body butters but that body lotion and perfume sound lovely! x

    • It’s easy to write off a brand when you used them as a teenager, I forget how much good stuff they have!xx

  • Freya

    I got given a Body Shop gift card for my birthday, normally I spend those kind of things instantaneously but nothing ever grabs my attention in there especially as i’m not a fan of their body butters as don’t like heavy creams. I was thinking about buying the chamomile cleansing balm.

    • I’ve heard very good things about that cleansing balm! Might have to pick it up myself too xx

  • I really want to try this perfume actually :)!

    Berrie-Blogs// Beauty Blog x

  • Rebekah Fenwick

    I love The Body Shop products but I am yet to smell this new scent. I am a big fan of their Indian Night Jasmine which gets so many compliments :)

  • I love Body Shop loofahs and the only other product I use is their Super Volume Mascara. I know many hates it but it worked wonders for me.

  • This sound lovely, must pop into the body shop soon

  • Kerm

    I got my ma this for Christmas, she loved it! It’s gorgeous :)

  • Amy

    Huge fan of this fragrances, I might pick up another when they next do the big promotions.
    Amy x

    • Good idea! I love layering it with a body lotion too as it helps make the fragrance last longer xx