Perfect Curls with Babyliss


Babyliss Boutique Soft Waves Hair Tong – £19.99

My quest for natural beachy hair is well documented. The dream is to awaken with soft texturised curls that are the perfect balance between lived in and preened. I find curling my hair can leave everything looking too perfected and bouncy due to tight curls that are a step away from wavy. I’ve tried multiple tools and styling products yet have never managed to achieve this desired look at home. Determined not to admit defeat I snapped up the Babyliss Curling Wand to see if it’s medium barrelled wand and lack of clip could help create this much desired look. Not an overly pricey purchase this wand comes packed together with a heat protected glove and mat to protect any surfaces. You are also able to set your level of required heat and the device reaches full temperature quickly.

When it came down to putting this tool to the test I found it pretty foolproof. I grabbed fairly thick sections of hair and wrapped them around the wand so the curls were facing away from my face.  On a medium/high heat I kept the hair loose against the barrel and left it 5-10 seconds before remove. Instantly this gave me a soft curl that I didn’t need to faff around with brushing out. It was quick to use and for a hair styling noob like myself I managed to achieve exactly the style I was looking for. The final curls are more like soft waves and by grabbing different size sections of hair it keeps everything looking natural and move lived in. From all the styling tools I have tried this is hands down my fav and the only one that’s been able to give me my oh so desired soft waves.

  • I love your curly/wavy hair with this wand! It looks so nice :)!

    Berrie-Blogs// Beauty Blog x

  • Gemma Douglas

    Your hair looks lovely! I keep meaning to pick this wand up. I’ve got a similar one from babyliss but its not nearly as long.. and as my hair has grown heaps it just ain’t cutting it anymore! x


    • I’ve found the length of the barrel really helps to create a soft and natural loose wave xx

  • Beautyat40andbeyond

    Wow that’s a good price. I like it but don’t need it as I have the Babyliss Curl Secret and a Yogi Wand. It is a good price, though…

  • Rebekah Fenwick

    I bought this with my Boots points over Christmas and I am still yet to use it..why? I have seen the likes on Tanya Burr use it and her hair always looks fab, I like the look you have created.

  • Lets Talk Beauty

    I like the effortless waves it gives, it looks pretty

  • I have this and it’s such a great quick and easy way of putting some curl in the hair. It gets the thumbs up from me.


  • Kerm

    It looks so effortless yet flawless and polished. Beautiful. :)