Umberto Giannini does Dry Shampoo


Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Morning After Dry Shampoo – £5.61*

Dry shampoo gets me through the day. It’s like oxygen, without it not only my hair but also myself would be pretty lifeless. Before the invention of this wondrous product I used to wash my hair every single day without fail. I couldn’t leave the house unless I knew my hair had been newly washed (dramatic I know) and needless to say it didn’t leave my tresses in the best condition. Now thanks to dry shampoo, it gives me the confidence to banish the shampoo and conditioner for an extra day and brave it outside knowing that grease and lifeless hair has been pushed to the side for one more day. As everyone and their dog will know, Batiste rein supreme when it comes to giving my hair an extra lease of life. Although I am more then happy with my brand of choice I always do wonder whether there is a can out there that might do the job better…

Cut to Umberto Giannini. Their Glam Hair Morning After Dry Shampoo has recently been added to my haircare stash and subsequently put to the test. First impressions revealed a rather dramatic lack of white/grey marks. Those tell tale signs of dry shampoo usage did not exist and from a budget beauty brand that is almost unheard off. The product itself sports a subtle and refreshing fragrance and like all dry shampoos the instructions are simple spray where required and rub/brush through your hair. The only thing I found with this product is that you needed a lot in order for it to take affect. The sections of oily roots still manage to show through but that may be more of a testament to the fact I really needed to wash my hair ;) For another budget option this is a great contender and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it.

*pr sample