Getting in the Mood for St Valentine


Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing Powder in 2 Antigua – £27*

The big V day. No nothing to do with down under before you get over excited, I’m talking St Valentines. That one time a year when if you are in a relationship you have to declare your love for each other with roses and chocolates or if you are alone you are reminded of that fact for a solid 24 hours. Who said I sounded bitter?! ;) Although shops are filled to the brim with cards, presents and chocolates to mark the big day, makeup counters also get into the spirit of things. Limited edition collections, themed products and even tailor made perfumes, there is something for everyone when the big day rolls into town. Beautiful cosmetics honestly gets my heart pumping and it is all need when this sneaky Cupid arrives. This year my Valentine has been firmly captured by a certain blusher from the likes of Bobbi Brown. Formulated with shine and pigmentation it’s all you need to get through February 14th.

When it comes to that day of love it’s all about who is there with a gift of roses in their hand. Although I’m all for a bunch of roses when I least expect it, I would rather be gifted with a gorgeous makeup item then flowers (beauty addict? Me? No!) Thankfully Bobbi Brown has come in trumps with this gorgeous Illuminating Bronzer. Adorned with ‘Be Pretty’ in the centre of the product this can be used as a blush, highlight or as a bit of added warmth to complete your makeup look. The shade Antigua is a soft pinky offering packed with shimmer too, means you have to be a tad careful when applying it so you don’t look like a disco ball, but you need the smallest amount to add a lovely and soft glow to your face. Pair this with all your favourite makeup picks like your perfect red lipstick, coral nail varnish and perfume that packs wonderful memories within the scent, then you will be ready for anything St Valentine throws at you.

*pr sample