Stepping into Paul & Joe


Liquid Eyeliner* | Glossy Lip Colour* | Treatment Balm*

This review is long overdue considering how much I have fallen head over heels for these selection of Paul & Joe goodies. Introduced to me but a few weeks ago, I had heard and seen lots about this rather unique beauty brand, but I had never made the dive into their products before myself. Oh how I was missing out as not only are they known for their insanely cute cat mould lipsticks, they now are the creators of my HG liquid liner. Not just a gimmicky brand as you may be lead to believe by their packaging, their products are well made, work brilliantly and haven’t let me down yet. You will have already seen me declare my love for a couple of the above pictured items already, but considering how much they have impressed me, I thought it only right to dedicate an entire post to the almighty Paul & Joe.

As mentioned this isn’t an unknown brand to me, a bundle full of beauty bloggers have been raving about their products for a while but it just took me a tad longer to catch on. Not the easiest thing to pick up in the UK (but with a pretty substantial selection available on ASOS and Beauty Bay making life easier) I think it’s high time more people became well acquainted with these fab cosmetics. Launched by Sophie Mechaly in 2002 on the back of a successful fashion line under the same name, the pretty packaging, unique lipsticks and range of colours makes every item look just as luxe and individual as the next. My love initially fell for the Liquid Eyeliner. The only pen I have ever tried that has converted me to an everyday cat flick kinda gal. Smudge proof, foolproof to apply and long lasting with the most fine and precise nib I’ve seen, it really is impossible to go wrong whilst applying this.

If this wasn’t enough their Glossy Lip Colours have become an everyday addition. In the shade 09 Bougainvillea the glossy application means you can build up and adjust how vivid you want the colour to be on your lips. A deeper shade of pink this helps make any makeup style look complete and polished. I also love how the lid makes a ‘pop’ sound so you can be rest assured that nothing is going to dry out. Last but by no means least is a body treatment that provides intense nourishment for all skin types. Presented in a pot, pop on a small amount wherever required for soft and supple skin. Made of Organic Jojoba Oil and Orange Honey this smells and feels divine. As you can see my admiration for Paul & Joe is strong – have you dabbled into their makeup range before?

*pr sample