A Spot of Shopping


Story of my life, I pop into Superdrug to pick up a hair spray and find myself leaving having spent £20. As the photo depicts two sneaky additions managed to make their way into my shopping bag and they are now sitting happy at home with me. My main reason behind the pit stop to Superdrug was to pick up another hairspray. Not a daily essential, however I find having a bit of extra hold is a must whenever I have curled or styled my hair. Without, everything drops within minutes and looks rather worse for wear. The hairspray that I have used for a while now is this VO5 High Volume Weather Resistant Hairspray. Not the most fancy thing on the planet I find this does the job, doesn’t cost the earth and this huge can lasts forever.

The two sneaky additions that made their way to the checkout were these Essie polishes. Whenever I stop by the stand I know that it will be near on impossible for me to walk away empty handed and this time two managed to stick with me. The first shade on the left is Parka Perfect which is part of the Winter 2013 Collection. This shade is a grey/blue offering that isn’t like anything else I already own. There is a subtle shimmer hidden inside but nothing that looks overpowering. Two coats is all you need and you will have yourself an opaque and professional looking manicure. The second shade is Lots of Lux and even though the festivities have finished I couldn’t resist. I believe this shade is part of the 2013 Holiday Collection called Encrusted Treasures and boy is it beautiful. You only need one coat for a rich glitter finish and although this may sit unloved for a few months it will take pride of place as soon as a glitter calls.

You may have also noticed some little sticky tabs sitting to the left of my beauty haul. I picked these up from good old WH Smiths and as you may have seen on the lovely Amelia’s Blog over at Liana-Beauty these are a beauty must have. Popped on the corner of your eye these help you to create a quick and flawless smokey eye. It prevents the shadow from falling down to low and means you are left with a crisp and neat line. A lot softer on your skin then sellotape (believe me I’ve tried!) this are my smokey eye secret weapons.

  • Jessie

    Ugh I’m the same way. I went into a local drugstore just to pick up some Batiste dry shampoo and I walked out 28 euros poorer! In my defense, there were quite a few skincare products on sale but still. I’m trying to save up for some big purchases but impulse buys always get me haha

  • Berrie-Blogs.blogspot.com

    Love essie! berrie-blogs.blogspot.com xx

  • Rachael Stewart

    I went into Boots yesterday to pick up the 17 Pwhooar concealer (which was out of stock), and instead of walking back out I ended up spending over €40 on other stuff! I’m obsessed with Essie polishes too and I can never resist picking one up every time I pass a stand – I love the look of Lots of Lux, I haven’t seen that shade before! x

    Rachael | http://www.overdosedemaquillage.com

    • It’s one of those shades that you are unable to walk past without buying! As I have managed to demonstrate :P xx

  • Hannah Heartss ❄️⛄️

    Those essie colours look stunning!

    Hannah Heartss xxx

  • Han.

    That nail polish looks amazing! I’ve treated myself with new make up brushes and make up! Online shopping i.e (boots, superdrug, amazon etc) is as bad as walking into boots and superdrug if not worse! Products they have online that they don’t in the stores! ♡


  • Makeup foodie

    Love these unplanned shopping treats! CHECK OUT MY NEW BLOG for some fun makeup reviews and all stuff yummy http://www.makeupfoodie.com

  • thisgirlloveschic

    gorgeous nail polishes !!



  • Cool tip about the sticky notes! I would have never thought of that. And I love the nail polish!


  • be likealady


  • Kerm

    The Parka Perfect shade is lovely! :)


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