Quick Makeup Routine

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First thing in the morning when it is grey and dark outside, your windows are covered in condensation thanks to the blustery cold wind and you have to make yourself presentable for work – did I mention all that has to be done within five minutes flat as you are running late for the train? Welcome to my World. Luxury goes straight out the window and in flies necessity and speed. This results in a pretty swift makeup application that counts on a few key items to help me look more alive, awake, and well there is no point denying it, normal.

These are the times when tried and tested become my best friend and experimentation doesn’t even factor into the process. Yes I could forgo makeup altogether but a) I don’t want to give everyone at work nightmares and b) it helps me to wake up and eases into the day ahead. To get things going it’s all about bases – coverage, coverage, coverage is my motto and I grab the items that help to hide and enhance in one swift sweep. I opt for a foundation that is long lasting, covers any redness all whilst keeping my skin looking light and dewy. Followed by my trusty Bobby Brown Corrector to hide a multitude of dark circles which I team with the saviour that is the Nars Creamy Concealer and things are looking in better shape.

Next is a light dusting of powder to keep everything in place and then I embark on the the three C’s – contour, colour and cheeks. First bronzer to stop my face looking like a ball, secondly I go in with a swipe of shadow across the lids and colour on the lips and this is completed with a brush of blusher. Before I rush out the door is it a quick application of brow gel and mascara to help define and pull the look together. Quick, fool proof and easy to do – the perfect morning routine makeup look.

  • Great post. I can’t remember the last time I had a good bit of time to do my makeup in the morning. It seems like a luxury.
    Love the products you’ve used :)

  • I’ve given that 5 minutes up for extra sleep :/ But you’ve the routine down to a T! Will definitly have to take a leaf out of your book and focus on certain areas :)

    • Haha in a way this helps me wake up so I don’t mind and it’s a big help focusing on key areas xx

  • My routine usually takes about half an hour. At LEAST. Woops :-)

  • Winnie

    what blush color is that?

  • I would never be able to do my makeup routine in 5 minuets, well done for being able to do that!


  • asia

    I wouldn’t be able to do a makeup routine in 5 minutes not with my kids trying to use the makeup.

  • Esha Rajesh

    I really like the products you’ve used. I hear a lot about the real techniques brushes on blogs as well as on youtube videos!! :)