Anyone for another Candle?


Evon Winter Apple Candle – £15*

I’m pretty certain I need to go to some sort of candle addiction meeting, I don’t know what’s come over me this year but put it this way, I know what business I will be starting when the next Winter rolls into town! It may be due to the fact I’ve been swept up in the general blogger candle buzz or maybe I’ve just become more attached to the delicious fragrances they can fill a room with, whatever the reasoning may be, I’m pretty sure I now have enough candles to provide light for the whole house. Not satisfied with the offerings that already fill my room I’ve added another one into the mix from new brand on the block, Evon.

Evon offer hand poured scented candles that are presented in a glass vase housed within a striking black outer box. The candles themselves are made up of soy wax and fine fragrance and offering approximately 30 hours of burn time. To encompass and celebrate this festive time of year that is on our door stop Evon have released two timely scents, Spice and Winter Apple. The first thing you notice about these candles is as soon as you lift them out of their box, their fragrance starts to fill the air. Winter Apple is a warm and deep scent that contains cinnamon, nutmeg, warm vanilla, cameral and of course sweet apples.

Evon are the perfect candles to give to a friend or loved one as their £15 price tag doesn’t break the bank however the packages oozes luxury and class. The burn is clean and even and each candle comes with a handy instruction book meaning you get the best and most safe burn from your special candle. Proudly made in the United Kingdom and offering fragrances like Rhubarb & Blackberry, Fig and Vanilla and Carmel, there really is something for everyone.

*pr sample

  • This sounds really lovely, will have to check these out i’m a candle addict! :) xx

    Claire does beauty

  • charlibruce

    At least you are well prepared for a power cut :P This actually sounds like it would smell amazing and the perfect candle to be burning at this time of year!

  • Rebecca.

    These sound lovely, I will definitely keep them in mind whenever I eventually get round to Christmas shopping!

    Becca from Becca Said x

  • Hannah Marie

    I know what you’re saying haha. I’m on some kind of candle hype this year! Recently purchased two within the past week! xx

    • Everyone seems to have candle fever!xx

      • Hannah Marie

        They’re so great for this time of year especially! I love all the autumn/winter scents that come out! x