Luxury Candles with Neom


Neom Happiness Home Candle- £39.50*

Neom candles have been on my radar for quite a while, their luxury scents, larger wicked offerings and organic ingredients are something both myself and my dressing table have been dreaming about. For a candle lover their burn time is a dream come true and the fact that their unique and luxurious scents will not just fill your room but your whole house, it’s hard to go wrong. With a number of candles and options available on the Neom website it can be slightly overwhelming knowing which one to pick, to help you out today I am reviewing their Happiness Candle that contains White Neroli, Mimosa and Lemon.

As soon as you lift a Neom candle out from it’s packing, the fragrance begins to envelope the space around it. Housed in a sturdy clear glass the impressive three wicks and heavy size supports the 55 hours of burn time you get with these candles. Produced with only vegetable wax and pure essential oils you know that once lit, you will not be surrounded with any harmful toxins or soot (one of my personal pet peeves from candles). The burn you get is clean and neat and you don’t get any dips at the side of the jar.

In terms of fragrance (which FYI I am pants at explaining) the initial scent you pick up on is the White Neroli. Not overpowering you find this note to quickly fill a room and once lit the Mimosa and Lemon start to come through more strong. This gives the candle a very fresh scent and as the ingredients work as a holistic treatment, sit back, relax and breathe in the calming fragrance.  Yes the price point seems daunting but for the size, what you get and the ingredients packed away inside, it is worth every penny.

*pr sample

  • Zoe

    I do find it difficult to believe that folk would purchase these at full retail price as the majority I see featured on blogs are PR samples. £40 for one candle is very expensive! I do love a nice candle but these seem excessively overpriced.

    • They are pricey but when you take into consideration a Jo Malone candle costs £39 and you only get 45 hours of burn time you do get more for your money. Also the ingredients work as an aromatherapy treatment so you don’t just get the smell you get those benefits too which I like =)

  • Katy

    I’ve been wanting to try these for ages! I’m going to have to put them on my Christmas list! The price is a put off but I think they sound worth it!


    I so badly want to try one of these but think it will need to be put on the Birthday or Christmas wishlist!

  • Lets Talk Beauty

    These NEOM Candles always look and sound so luxurious. The nail salon I go to often have one burning and it smells amazing.
    I am hoping to treat myself to one over Christmas

  • Leah

    Look at all those wet spots on the candle! Hand poured my ass…

    • Not sure if these are marketed as hand poured I think it’s more the fact the ingredients are organic and have the aromatherapy benefits x

  • They are so lovely =) xx