Let’s Talk Bases: Part 5 YSL Youth Liberator


YSL Youth Liberator Foundation in B30 – £37

I fell for the hype. If you saw my beauty haul post from Friday (which you can read here) you will know that thanks to a current Debenhams bonus offer, I snapped up the new YSL Youth Liberator Foundation. Looking for something to carry me from a Summer of wearing no foundation to a cool Autumn where my skin isn’t look it’s best, I opted for this foundation as it gives you coverage whilst still leaving your skin looking radiant and glowing. Not that intense Summer glow but something that makes your face look alive when it’s still dark outside.

The latest release from YSL is their first serum-foundation which is exactly what is sounds like, a hybrid of a foundation and serum in one. This keeps the foundation feeling lightweight and means your skin is kept looking bright and youthful. For a high-end foundation that is towards the top of the price point, there is a pretty pathetic seven shades to choose from in the range. This makes it a bit of a challenge when it comes to colour matching and after much debate I opted for B30. A fairly light shade this matches my skintone at the moment and I warm it up depending on how my skin is looking with a touch of bronzer.

In terms of wear this lasts throughout a long day at work and also when driving a van to and from Bournemouth, don’t say I don’t put my foundations to the test ;) In certain lights I feel like can look a tad too dewy so I pop on a bit of powder and I’m good to go. This foundation really is worth the hype and if you can snag it as part of a deal you can save up some bonus points. Also keep an eye out when purchasing – some sites say £34 whereas I handed over £37 for this bottle!